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AIDS 2024, the 25th International AIDS Conference


Host a pre-conference at AIDS 2024, the premier global platform to advance the HIV response

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Pre-conferences are independently organized meetings that offer a wide range of population and issue-specific programming within the field of global health and development. The AIDS 2024 pre-conference programme will take place on Saturday, 20 July, and Sunday, 21 July 2024.  

  • Showcase your work at the world’s most influential meeting on HIV research and its applications. 
  • Commercial and non-commercial packages will be available. 
  • Choose to host either a fully pre-recorded, semi-live or fully live pre-conference. 

Pre-conference meetings are open to all registered delegates. Pre-conference passes are available for those who wish to attend only pre-conferences but not the main conference.

Pre-conference application and selection process 

To host a pre-conference, organizations and companies need to submit a letter of interest to [email protected]. The letter must include: 

  • A brief description of the topic for their event 
  • The preferred pre-conference package 
  • The preferred date(s) and time slots (20 and/or 21 July)

Detailed information, including packages and prices, will be available on this page in October 2023.

If you have any questions, please contact the AIDS 2024 Pre-conferences team at [email protected]. 

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