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Conference protest

IAS conferences code of conduct

IAS – the International AIDS Society – is dedicated to fostering a welcoming environment and encouraging debate and dialogue among all conference participants. We believe that progress happens when science, policy and activism come together. As such, the IAS upholds freedom of expression as a fundamental principle in our efforts to end HIV as a threat to public health and individual well-being and promote inclusive participation in our conferences.

In a nutshell


Conference participants must comply with this code of conduct and the host country’s laws and regulations (see details below).


The conference fosters an environment that encourages meaningful participation, including community involvement, to ensure a diverse range of viewpoints are heard. In case of conflict, dialogue among participants is encouraged before any other action is taken to facilitate resolution of or de-escalate disruptions.

Peaceful protest

The conference welcomes peaceful protest. However, the IAS has zero tolerance for discrimination against groups or individuals based on their identity, harassment, intimidation, hate speech, violence against people, destruction of property, prolonged disruption of conference sessions, or any other action preventing other participants from fully benefitting from the conference for a prolonged period.

The conference will support dialogue and participation through a team of community activist liaisons who will provide advice and assistance before and during the conference.

Reporting breaches of this code of conduct

If you have witnessed any abusive, discriminatory or other behaviour that contravenes the code of conduct, you can write to You may also address any IAS staff member on site; you can identify them by their conference badge bearing the word, “Organizer”.


Incidents of misconduct will be reviewed and appropriate actions will be taken, ranging from verbal warnings to denial of access to the conference venue or virtual platform. Participants have the right to appeal decisions within 24 hours of notification.

Contact if you have any questions.

View the AIDS 2024 code of conduct

Conference participation

The IAS promotes the use of non-stigmatizing, people-first language. The translations are all automated in the interest of making our content as widely accessible as possible. Regretfully, they may not always adhere to the people-first language of the original version.