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AIDS 2024, the 25th International AIDS Conference

Community activities

Community activities

Through community activities, the IAS aims to engage the community in the lead up to and throughout the conference.

Below, you will find information about community-led events, calls to action, resources and news around AIDS 2024.

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Educational tours

Educational tours provide delegates with unique learning experiences through site visits to local community-based organizations. The goal is to exchange knowledge, best practices, successes, challenges and innovative solutions through dialogue and hands-on activities.

The daily tours will be hosted throughout Munich. Conference delegates can access them at no charge.

View the tour programme and register:

Educational tours

Positive Lounge

The IAS will provide spaces in the conference venue to facilitate and support dialogue, discussion and networking. These spaces include a dedicated lounge for delegates living with and affected by HIV from across the globe.

The Positive Lounge is a place to recharge, refresh and relax in a nurturing environment.


The theme of AIDS 2024 is Put people first! AIDS 2024 will galvanize the scientific, policy and activist communities.

The IAS endorses freedom of expression as an essential principle in the response to HIV and in promoting full participation in the International AIDS Conference. Activism and advocacy advance commitment, policy and practice aimed at ending the pandemic.

The conference will support dialogue and participation through a team of community activist liaisons who will provide advice and assistance before and during the conference in accordance with the IAS principles and values of conference participation.

Join the call to Put people first!

The AIDS 2024 theme and social campaign is calling on the global HIV response to unite behind a simple principle: Put people first!

We’re inviting all individuals and organizations within the HIV community – those living with it, affected by it or working in the field – to join thousands of stakeholders around the world in telling your story of the personal or professional impact of putting people first.

Share your thoughts, photos or video testimonials using the hashtag, #PutPeopleFirst, and inspire your friends, colleagues, clients, service providers and partner organizations to join this movement by sharing their own stories.

Together, let’s build a more compassionate, inclusive and innovative HIV response that promotes well-being for all, regardless of age, region or population.

Learn more and share your story!

Community outreach

As part of the AIDS 2024 Organizing Committee, our civil society partners (GATE, Munich Aidshilfe, ASHA Foundation, COSWA Kenya, Y+ Global, GNP+ and ICW) guide and support the community components of the AIDS 2024 programme.

Through community outreach, we aim to curate meaningful engagement before and throughout the conference. The AIDS 2024 civil society partners represent a diverse and equitable network of key and affected populations. Their outreach projects ensure that a full range of communities and sectors affected by HIV are increasingly engaged in conference planning and delivery, which reflects conference values of inclusion, respect and global partnership building.

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The IAS promotes the use of non-stigmatizing, people-first language. The translations are all automated in the interest of making our content as widely accessible as possible. Regretfully, they may not always adhere to the people-first language of the original version.