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Q Bee B Chihera Meki

Q Bee B Chihera Meki

Organization: Trans and Intersex Rising, Zimbabwe

Region: Africa

Nationality: Zimbabwe

Country: Zimbabwe

Interests & expertise: Co-infections (TB, hepatitis, STIs, etc.)

Profession or occupation: Advocate/activist

What inspires you to work in the HIV field?

Being a trans woman is a big challenge; you get beaten, harassed and raped and have nowhere to report it. A few months later, you go for testing with your new partner and discover that you are positive. I lost him. I lost half of my close family and friends. With AVAC and other activists and advocates, I began to have hope in biomedical prevention. I chose to dedicate my life to helping my fellow trans people and others in the LGBTIQ community. This is to bring hope and find ground for biomedical and other treatment to include us so that we have variety of prevention methods.

What are your goals as an IAS change maker?

These are my goals:

  1. Inclusion and involvement in research on the trans and intersex community
  2. Making sure that research is community led
  3. Engagement between scientists, advocates and activists, and the community
  4. Africa leading research for an HIV cure
  5. STIs also to have a vaccine and many methods of prevention
  6. Strengthening the hope of the community living with HIV
  7. Transparency and accountability

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