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Yasmina Chan

Yasmina Chan

Organization: The PACT

Region: Latin America and Caribbean

Nationality: Guatemala

Country: Guatemala

Interests & expertise: COVID-19 and HIV

Profession or occupation: Advocate/activist

What inspires you to work in the HIV field?

I was inspired to see the different realities and the courage of people with HIV from the moment of accepting their serological condition and the struggle to guarantee access to their ART. This makes me part of the response: one day, my parents will have a dignified life where there is no fear that they will run out of medicine. I wish to ensure that UNAIDS targets are achieved globally so that people living with or affected by HIV do not experience more stigma and discrimination and do have access to universal healthcare.

What are your goals as an IAS change maker?

My goals are to ensure that:

  1. People living with or affected by HIV can exercise freedom of sexuality through reducing stigma and discrimination.
  2. Girls and women have the right to make decisions about their own bodies and that young people are considered in decision making.

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