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Rosa Tariro Mahlasera

Rosa Tariro Mahlasera

Organization: EGPAF

Region: Africa

Nationality: Zimbabwe

Country: Zimbabwe

Interests & expertise: Ageing with HIV

Profession or occupation: Advocate/activist

What inspires you to work in the HIV field?

I was born with HIV and have faced a lot of depression and denial. All that l have gone through after knowing my HIV status at a very tender age has inspired me to work in the HIV field. I wish to make a change for those who are newly diagnosed with HIV, putting smiles on their faces and making sure that we bury stigma and resurrect love.

What are your goals as an IAS change maker?

My goal as an IAS change maker is to empower every adolescent and young person to be bold enough to talk about HIV and not be afraid to get tested. This is so that they can be aware of their status and if they are positive for HIV, make sure that they are not defined by their HIV status, accepting what they cannot change and learning to live with it.

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