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Rodrigo Vázquez Venegas

Rodrigo Vázquez Venegas

Organization: Yaaj México, Transformando tu vida A. C.

Region: Latin America and Caribbean

Nationality: Mexico

Country: Mexico

Interests & expertise: Community leadership

Profession or occupation: Advocate/activist

What inspires you to work in the HIV field?

I live with HIV, but it took me more than five years to have a test. I know how stigma affects our society and I am sure that information is our biggest tool against it. When I received my test result, my biggest supporters were my fellows. I want to be that safe space for others and accompany them in their processes. I want to fight against stigma so no one around me has to be afraid of HIV. I studied nanotechnology and I am inspired by sharing pop-science information that helps others take action.


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