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Jean-Daniel Lelièvre

Jean-Daniel Lelièvre

Title: Senior Manager, HIV Vaccine Enterprise

IAS – the International AIDS Society

Jean-Daniel Lelièvre, MD, PhD, is a professor of clinical immunology at the Faculty of Medicine in Créteil, near Paris. His basic research activities initially focused on T cell apoptosis, the biology of Tregs and the fundamental aspects of T cell development and disruption after HIV acquisition.. Jean-Daniel has conducted several clinical trials in the field of HIV immune therapies (role of anti-CCR5 treatment optimization in people diagnosed late with HIV; role of raltegravir during renal transplantation; and IL7 treatment for HIV).

In recent years, his research and expertise have refocused on the field of vaccinology. He is responsible for the clinical core of the Vaccine Research Institute and the WP 8 (prophylactic vaccine) of the European HIV Vaccine Alliance, both of which aim to promote a comprehensive approach to the development of an effective HIV vaccine. His multiple activities in the field of vaccines include being responsible for a WP within the European Joint Action on Vaccination and Vaccelerate (dedicated to the COVID-19 vaccine) and using his expertise nationally (for the French NITAG) and internationally (for WHO IVIR-AC, SAG EMA). He joined the HIV Vaccine Enterprise in early 2023.

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