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Session 2: Future efficacy trial design approaches

Virtual workshop series

October 2020 to May 2021

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The second session of the virtual workshop aims to reflect on future trial designs for ARV-based prevention strategies, HIV vaccines and monoclonal antibodies. This session is supported by a further six bite-size presentations and three panel discussions of the current scientific approaches for establishing efficacy of vaccines in the broader context of PrEP.

Panel discussion 2B – Future Design Approaches for HIV Vaccine Efficacy Trials
Panel discussion 2C – Research pathway for the use of monoclonal antibodies in HIV prevention.
VRC01 ANTIBODY PREVENTION OF HIV (S2-07), Lawrence Corey, MD, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, USA
Antibody Mediated Prevention Trial: Where to from here? (VE-S2R4P)
Inferring HIV incidence using incidence of other stis (S2-01),Jared Baeten, MD, PhD, University of Washington, Seattle, USA
Cross-sectional incidence assays to infer population incidence (s2-02), Eduard Grebe, PhD, Vitalant Research Institute, San Francisco, USA
Cross-sectional incidence assays to infer population incidence (s2-03), Sinéad Delany-Moretwe, MBBCh, PhD, DTM&H, Wits RHI, South Africa
Using of a surrogate endpoint in licensure of pneumococcal vaccines (s2-04), David Radley, MSc, Pfizer Inc., USA
A case study in using extra-trial data to infer placebo incidence (s2-05), Mia Moore, PhD, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, USA
Incorporation of trial incidence data into model estimate (s2-06), Jeffrey W. Eaton, PhD, Imperial College London, London, UK

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