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Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise annual stakeholders’ meeting: “Accelerating early phase HIV vaccine clinical research”

Consistent with its strategic objectives, the Enterprise is convening HIV vaccine R&D stakeholders with the aim to build a consensus on efficient ways to prioritize and advance vaccine product development that encompasses design, clinical testing, and funding to accelerate the development of an HIV vaccine.

Chair, speakers, panelists, facilitators and rapporteurs:

  • Susan Buchbinder, Bridge HIV, San Francisco Department of Public Health, USA
  • Kundai Chinyenze, IAVI, Kenya
  • Bart Haynes, Duke University, USA
  • Maureen Luba, Cooper Smith, Malawi
  • Gavin Churchyard, Aurum, South Africa
  • Bart Haynes, Duke University, USA
  • Glenda Gray, South African Medical Research Council, South Africa
  • Jim Kublin, HVTN, USA
  • Johan Vekemans, IAVI, USA
  • Nandi Luthuli, AVAC, South Africa
  • Yves Levy, VRI, France
  • Susan Barnett, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, USA
  • Sandhya Vasan, MHRP, USA
  • William Kilembe, Zambia Emory HIV Research Project, Zambia
  • Roger Tatoud, IAS Consultant, France
  • Stacey Hannah, AVAC, USA
  • Carl Dieffenbach, NIAID, USA
  • Carey Hwang, Vir Biotechnology, USA
  • Margaret McCluskey, USAID, USA
  • Pervin Anklesaria, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, USA
  • Roger Le Grand, CEA, France

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