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Gabriella Scarlatti

Gabriella Scarlatti

MD, paediatrician and PhD in virology
Viral Evolution and Transmission Unit
San Raffaele Scientific Institute
Milan, Italy

Since 2002, Gabriella Scarlatti has headed the Viral Evolution and Transmission Unit at the San Raffaele Scientific Institute in Milan, Italy. She served as Science Director of the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise (2016-17) in New York and Director of the Division of B cell and mucosal immunity of the Vaccine Research Institute (2012-16) in Paris.

Gabriella has a PhD in virology, Her laboratory has been interested in the virologic and immunologic mechanisms of vertical transmission of HIV and paediatric and adult infections to identify molecular signatures relevant for prevention of HIV and containment of disease. She had the opportunity to coordinate vaccine projects and humoral immunity platforms of international consortia with the aim of developing new immunogens to induce broadly neutralizing antibodies. Recently, with SA-MRC and European colleagues, she has pursued the idea of testing the safety of long-acting HIV broadly neutralizing monoclonal antibodies in infants, which may become a way forward to prevent vertical transmission through breastfeeding.

She has served on numerous international scientific and working committees. Her publications include 143 papers in international peer-reviewed journals. A complete list is available at ORCID:

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