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Donna Fromhold

Donna Fromhold

Forum Advisory Group member since 2022
New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA
HIV Franchise Leader, Global Public Health, Johnson & Johnson

At Global Public Health (GPH), Donna leads the design and execution of enterprise HIV strategies to save lives and deliver transformational and measurable health impact to underserved populations and in resource-limited settings. Donna is passionate about GPH’s work within HIV, from expanding access to new treatment and prevention options to supporting community-based education and outreach efforts and accelerating R&D to meet the needs of people living with HIV. GPH combines world-class research and development, global strategy and external affairs capabilities and local implementation and impact teams to put the world’s most underserved at the heart of everything it does – measuring success in lives improved.  As a team of innovators, GPH is committed to pioneering and sustainably delivering meaningful and transformational products, such as expanding access to care in HIV. It works with global and local partners to ensure that the critical solutions necessary are within reach of those who need them to save lives, cure clients and prevent disease.

Donna has been with J&J for more than 25 years and her background spans women’s healthcare, cardiovascular and metabolism, mental health, and HIV. Previously, she was the Director of Marketing in Janssen Neuroscience, leading the schizophrenia franchise. Donna holds a bachelor’s degree in management from The College of New Jersey and an MS in marketing and an MBA in International Business from Seton Hall University. She lives in Neptune, NJ with her husband Brian and three children Lauren, Brian, and Kaitlyn.

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