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Shivaji K Jadhav

Shivaji K Jadhav

Organization: Orange Health Molecular Infectious Laboratory

Region: Asia and the Pacific Islands

Nationality: India

Country: India

Interests & expertise: Co-infections (TB, hepatitis, STIs, etc.)

Profession or occupation: Educator/trainer

What inspires you to work in the HIV field?

My main motivation to participate in the HIV cure meeting is to exchange novel innovative ideas to work on HIV cure strategies. It also provides immense knowledge sharing by HIV experts, including clinicians, to work towards HIV elimination. Participation in finding cure strategies will help me carry out my proposed research in a better way. It also provides me with an opportunity to interact with top-class scientists around the globe and discuss issues related to HIV pathogenesis and prevention of HIV transmission and recent advances in HIV vaccine and efficacy studies and developments using different animal models.

What are your goals as an IAS change maker?

Knowledge gained in the meeting will be discussed in a presentation to scientists and clinicians. Our comments will be posted on websites or blogs on meeting updates, and knowledge will be shared with the scientific community.

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