IAS partners with Gilead Sciences to champion stigma-free HIV care services in Asia and Latin America

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IAS – the International AIDS Society – today announced its partnership with Gilead Sciences to expand the Me & My Healthcare Provider campaign to three locations in Asia: Hong Kong; South Korea; and Taiwan and renew the programme in two locations in Latin America: Brazil and Mexico. The campaign promotes best practices in inclusive and stigma-free healthcare service delivery for people living with and affected by HIV.


Launched in 2015, Me & My Healthcare Provider promotes best practice in healthcare service delivery by championing frontline healthcare workers who deliver quality HIV prevention, treatment and care, often in the face of discriminatory laws, stigmatizing traditions and belief systems. The campaign allows populations affected by HIV to celebrate the contributions of healthcare providers who have made a positive difference in their lives and underscores the importance of the client-caregiver relationship in delivering HIV services.  


"We know that healthcare workers are the backbone of every effective HIV response. Every single worker has the opportunity to make – or break – a visit to a health facility. Every single worker has the opportunity to enable a stigma-free and health-promoting experience. We are excited to partner with Gilead to take this campaign to five new locations and continue to celebrate the efforts of healthcare workers who stand up against stigma and discrimination,” Lucy Stackpool-Moore, Director HIV Programmes and Advocacy, IAS said.


"There is no place for stigma and discrimination within healthcare settings. Unless we tackle stigmatizing and discrimination norms, our efforts to eliminate HIV by 2030 will continue to be undermined. We are delighted to partner with the IAS on the Me & My Healthcare Provider campaign. By expanding the campaign in Latin America and Asia, we can raise these positive role models' profiles and showcase their motivations.  We hope to continue to encourage others to treat their clients with respect and dignity," Betty Chiang, Vice President of Medical Affairs, International, Gilead Sciences said.


Between now and February 2022, the IAS will identify and work with local partners in Brazil, Mexico, Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan to implement the campaign. From programme design, communications, nomination collection and selection, to recognition of the Healthcare Champions who provide inclusive and stigma-free HIV services, the campaign will empower those raising their voices against stigma.


Announcement of the Healthcare Champions will be made by AIDS 2022 – the 24 International AIDS Conference.


The Healthcare Champions and their nominators will be invited to join AIDS 2022 virtually and attend a broad range of stigma related events and activities where they can share their best practice examples.


About Gilead Sciences

Gilead Sciences is a biopharmaceutical company that has pursued and achieved breakthroughs in medicine for more than three decades, with the goal of creating a healthier world for all people. The company is committed to advancing innovative medicines to prevent and treat life-threatening diseases, including HIV, viral hepatitis and cancer. Gilead operates in more than 35 countries worldwide, with headquarters in Foster City, California.


For more than 30 years, Gilead has been a leading innovator in the field of HIV, driving advances in treatment, prevention, testing and linkage to care, and cure research. Today, millions of people living with HIV globally receive antiretroviral therapy provided by Gilead or one of the company's manufacturing partners.


In 2018, the Gilead Asia Pacific Rainbow Grant was created to support projects that break down barriers faced by people living with HIV. To date, the Grant program has awarded over US $3 million and has reached more than 258,000 people through more than 60 community projects.

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