The forgotten

The forgotten

Dr. Abdul Nasser Kaadan is a physician from Aleppo who has been a member of the International AIDS Society (IAS) since 2013. Last year, Abdul was forced to flee his country and seek refuge in Turkey. In the face of this emergency humanitarian crisis, the IAS is working with Abdul to ensure the voice of the Syrian people working on the frontlines of HIV is heard. This is his story…

I was living near Aleppo University, which is still under the government’s control. I left in early 2015 when the situation became very dangerous. There were bombings every day and attacks on civilians. One of my colleagues at Aleppo University was attacked by a bomb while he was in his car with his son - both of them died. Another colleague was kidnaped by the forces of the opposition and killed after a week. This is what my family and I faced every day.  

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