Standing united for International Day for Tolerance

Today marks the 20th annual International Day for Tolerance - a day that recognizes how important the rich variety of our world's cultures and people are to creating a strong, vibrant global community. In a week marred by violence in Beirut, Baghdad, Sana'a and Paris – and a year that has seen more people fleeing their homes to escape persecution than ever before in history – we call on all International AIDS Society (IAS) members to use today as a moment to reflect and share with your communities the importance of tolerance and global solidarity.

Stigma and discrimination are the manifestation of intolerance. Many communities, especially people living with HIV, their friends and families, struggle for equality because of burden of intolerance. This is why the fight for human rights is at the heart of the IAS. As a membership-based organization, we know the strength that comes from remaining united, especially in times of great tragedy.