A week in quotes: PATA 2018 Youth Summit

A week in quotes: PATA 2018 Youth Summit

This week the five IAS Youth Champions joined more than 200 delegates at the PATA 2018 Youth Summit in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. To wrap-up the three-day event, the Youth Champions are sharing some of their favourite quotes and moments from the week.

The power of partnerships

"We must partner for meaningful youth participation. We are behind on targets and there are persistent challenges. There are structural barriers of stigma, discrimination, consent and access to sexual and reproductive health and rights."
-- Mercy Ngulube, Youth activist, United Kingdom

"Partnerships are vital to ensuring we can bring about sustainable change."
-- Ulrike Gilbert, UNICEF, Tanzania

"Differentiated service delivery is working well in South Africa. It has helped service providers to improve adherence and retention for adolescents and young people living with HIV."
-- Refilwe Mafojane, Wits RHI, South Africa

"A problem shared, is a problem halved."
-- Kelvin Makura, ZY+, Zimbabwe

The power of peers in service delivery

"We should not underestimate the power of peer education. It is unstoppable if we utilize it in the right way."
-- Moses Bwire, PEERU, Uganda

"Out of 30 days in a month, a person will only spend one of these at the clinic, and the rest will be spent in the community."
-- Grace Ngulube, WeCare, Malawi

"Young people know what they want and are therefore uniquely suited to creating models of service and care which can more effectively reach their peers."
-- Nadege Munyaburanga, AY+, Rwanda

Peer supporters have been advised to provide psychosocial support to clients, that’s a good thing, but who provides psychosocial support to them?"
-- Xolani Magongo, RIATT-ESA, Eswatini

The power of advocacy

"We need to plan for advocacy. We should have advocacy targets."
-- Elizabeth Okoth, EGPAF, Kenya

"It is unfair to have high expectations for young people when they are offered no support. Young people deserve to be appreciated, compensated and acknowledged for the hard work they are doing."
-- Julian Kerboghossian, Y+, Lebanon

"One of our strongest advocacy points is that we need more and higher quality data - we need to demand better data for decision making."
-- Elona Toska, Mzantsi Wakho, South Africa

"Meaningful youth participation is about more than leadership in their own spaces, it’s also about learning how to influence change in other spaces, so they can grow in different kinds of ways."
-- Gladwell Muthoni, Family Health Options Kenya, Kenya

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