2016 IAS Governing Council elections results

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The International AIDS Society (IAS) is pleased to announce the results of the 2016 IAS Governing Council Elections. We would like to thank the members for your commitment and engagement in the elections. A total of 1,675 votes were received, which means that 22.1% of all members eligible to vote participated in the elections.

The following IAS members were elected – using the Single Transferable Vote electoral system – and will serve on the IAS Governing Council for the next four years.



James Gita Hakim, Zimbabwe (Biography)
Kenneth Ngure, Kenya (Biography)


Asia and the Pacific Islands

Adeeba Kamarulzaman, Malaysia (re-elected) (Biography)
Sharon Lewin, Australia (Biography)
Shuzo Matsushita, Japan (Biography)



Jürgen Rockstroh, Germany (re-elected) (Biography)
Bruno Spire, France (Biography)


Latin America and the Caribbean

Russell Pierre, Jamaica (Biography)
Horacio Salomon, Argentina (re-elected) (Biography)
Luis Soto-Ramirez, Mexico (re-elected) (Biography)


United States and Canada

Judith Auerbach, United States (re-elected) (Biography)
Marina Klein, Canada (re-elected) (Biography)


IAS members attending the 21st International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2016) in Durban will be introduced to the IAS Governing Council members during the IAS Members’ Meeting on 21 July 2016. The IAS Governing Council 2016-2018 will take office on 22 July 2016 at the closing of AIDS 2016. Until then the current Governing Council remains the executive body of the IAS.

For more information about the voting results, see the voting scores and independent scrutineer’s report.

A warm thank you to the following Governing Council members whose terms on the IAS Governing Council will end on 22 July 2016: Françoise Barré-Sinoussi, France; Andrew Grulich, Australia; John Idoko, Nigeria; Jens Lundgren, Denmark; Faustine Ndugulile, Tanzania; and Sai Subhasree Raghavan, India.




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