Merger of initiatives focused on HIV cure

The IAS Towards an HIV Cure initiative recently merged with another leader in the field, the HIV Cure Initiative (HCI). The new entity, which will operate under the IAS Towards an HIV Cure name, will join forces to better promote HIV cure research and speed the development of effective HIV remission or cure strategies.

Launched at a meeting hosted by the Annenberg Foundation, then housed at the Infectious Disease Research Institute (IDRI), the HCI fostered public-private partnerships towards an HIV cure through an international alliance of leading scientific, governmental, philanthropic and industry organizations. In addition to its experience in building those high-level strategic partnerships, Its work and expertise is synergistic with the IAS Towards an HIV Cure Industry Collaboration Group, which will continue to function at a more operational and technical level. The contributions and expertise of HCI will be incorporated into the IAS Towards an HIV Cure Initiative 2017-2020 Strategy.


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