69th World Health Assembly: Statement by the International AIDS Society (IAS)

The International AIDS Society (IAS) welcomes the Global Health Sector Strategies and congratulates the World Health Organization (WHO) on the broad- based consultation - particularly the engagement of civil society partners who are key players in supporting their realisation. HIV, viral hepatitis and STIs are major public health issues and an integrated client-centred approach within a framework of universal health coverage will strengthen achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The successful implementation of these strategies will depend, in part, on a motivated and capacitated healthcare work force.


The HIV Strategy recognises that despite advances inequities remain between and within countries and across population groups. The particular focus on key populations across various epidemic scenarios and adolescents – notably young women and girls – is an important element that we urge continued focus on; while also ensuring accessibility of scientific advancements especially around prevention.


The Viral Hepatitis Strategy proposes the first ever global targets towards elimination of viral hepatitis by 2030. With less than 5% of people with chronic hepatitis knowing their status, the goals are ambitious; but attainable. Advances can be made by linking with other programmes, through management of HIV co-infections and by advocating for reduced drug pricing.


The STI Strategy promotes synergies and integration of sexual and reproductive health and rights and HIV services. The links between HIV and STIs are well established but increasingly solutions must ensure that men and boys access these linked services as health care recipients.


The IAS:

  • Urges Member States to endorse the three strategies and to provide the necessary financial and human resources 
  • Encourages the WHO to continue to act on the interconnectedness of the three strategies, especially for overlapping key populations and services delivery needs
  • Commits to involve our membership base of frontline health care workers to support implementation of the Global Health Sector Strategies


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