Youth Voices on HIV – Addressing gaps and showing the way forward

Youth Voices on HIV – Addressing gaps and showing the way forward

It’s important for young people to speak out, because when you keep it inside, that’s when it kills you.”
– Sindi, a young woman living with HIV

This weekend will mark National Youth HIV/AIDS Awareness Day— a day to draw awareness towards the lack of progress in reducing HIV infections among adolescents. However, it can’t just be about awareness, it must be about amplifying the voices of those most affected. That is why we are proud to launch IAS Youth Voices – an advocacy initiative in partnership with the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation and the Children’s Radio Foundation to enable young people in Sub-Saharan Africa to actively shape HIV programmes and investment priorities that respond to their specific needs.

As part of this effort, we are highlighting the stories and perspectives of youth who are speaking out about their experiences and needs in the HIV response. Today, Sindi, a young woman living with HIV, bravely tells her story to speak out as a youth voice on HIV.



With the 21st International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2016) returning to Durban, South Africa, we have an opportunity to use a global platform to help shape the HIV response, specifically for adolescents. To leverage this moment, we are hosting a series of focus group discussions and media production workshops with young people living with HIV, to provide an engaged and supportive forum to discuss their needs. The #IASYouthVoices campaign, will serve as a megaphone for young people and bring their inputs to the forefront of the AIDS 2016 conversations in order to actively influence policy-makers and funders.

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