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The Second Durban Declaration

Access Equity Rights - Now!


There has been remarkable progress in our response to AIDS since the global HIV community last convened in Durban in 2000. Curbing the spread of HIV was the first step . Accelerating investment and action on a robust human rights and social justice agenda is the next.

Despite significant scientific advancements, we continue to encounter structural barriers that impede real world progress. Realizing the promise of scientific achievement requires a greater commitment to removing barriers between discovery and implementation. The 21st International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2016) must bring these pieces together – the key scientific advances needed to end the epidemic and the key structural barriers impeding progress – and secure greater political commitment including financial resources to get the job done.


Focussing on the five key scientific advances

  1. Ensure access to antiretroviral therapy for all people living with HIV
    The benefits of early and sustained antiretroviral therapy (ART) for the health of people living with HIV and treatment as prevention in the overall population are undeniable and broadly recognized. We must ensure that on diagnosis ART access for all people living with HIV becomes a reality despite resource constraints.


  2. Scale up modern combination HIV prevention packages
    Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and voluntary medical male circumcision are major breakthroughs in HIV prevention science. They should complement the benefits of universal ART and must remain a priority. Long-acting and more convenient prevention methods such as injectable PrEP should be further developed to become an integral part of today’s combination HIV prevention package.

  3. Treat and manage co-infections and co-morbidities
    Morbidity and mortality in people living with HIV is increasingly driven by co-infections and co-morbidities. A range of new technologies and drug options have been developed which now need to be fully scaled up, notably, for hepatitis C and tuberculosis HIV co-infections. Non-communicable diseases like diabetes and hypertension are another important area of linkage requiring attention.


  4. Amplify research efforts for a vaccine and a cure
    Preventive vaccine strategies and sustained HIV remission while off ART remain paramount to achieving definitive and economically-sustainable epidemic control. The recent progress in vaccine development and HIV cure research should be accelerated, driven by the necessary resources and motivation to consign AIDS to history.


  5. Optimize implementation research
    Implementation science should increasingly become the cornerstone for realising access, acceptability, uptake, and sustained adherence across the HIV cascade. This will include leveraging differentiated models of care and other innovative approaches to translate science into long-term, sustainable and equitable progress.


Addressing the five key structural barriers

  1. Focus on key populations within and across various HIV epidemic scenarios
    Key populations – men who have sex with men, transgender people, sex workers and people who inject drugs – are disproportionately affected by HIV and among these groups there has been a recent resurgence in HIV infections. National responses should create an enabling environment and increase their access to HIV services across the cascade – including for adolescent key populations.

  2. Address gender inequality and empower young women and girls
    Socially-embedded inequalities render young women and girls – including transgender women - particularly vulnerable to HIV infection. We need a global plan for ending the epidemic among them that includes ensuring multi-sectoral policy and programmatic synergy and embraces sexual and reproductive health and rights.


  3. Challenge laws, policies and practices that stigmatize and discriminate against people living with HIV and key populations
    It is long past time to amend and remove laws, policies and practices that inappropriately regulate (e.g. violation of sexual and reproductive rights), control (e.g. entry, stay and residence restrictions), punish (e.g. criminalization of HIV non-disclosure, exposure and transmission) and/or fail to protect (e.g. criminalization of homosexuality, sex work and drug use; lack of protection from violence) key populations and people living with HIV in many contexts.

  4. Increase investment in civil society and community lead responses
    Civil society – as activists, advocates and service providers - has long been the backbone of the AIDS response, ensuring greater accountability and action from political leaders to address the epidemic. In many settings, these groups are under siege by restrictive laws and funding cuts. The global HIV community must stand in solidarity with civil society and reaffirm its place in the HIV response.


  5. Enhance capacity of frontline healthcare workers
    Ensure that frontline healthcare workers have what they need to provide client-centred care through national roll out of quality pre- and in-service training. This should include addressing stigma and discrimination which is often considered one of the most significant barriers to accessing HIV services.

We, the undersigned, agree that the return of the conference to Durban this year will be a defining moment to establish a clear path toward guaranteeing that no one is left behind in the AIDS response. When we write the history of the epidemic, let it be that in Durban in 2016 we seized the opportunity to alter the course of this epidemic forever.

Now, more than ever we must ensure
Access Equity Rights – Now!



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Chris Beyrer, Johns Hopkins University
Linda-Gail Bekker, The Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation
Francoise Barré-Sinoussi, Institut Pasteur
Sharon Lewin, The Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity
Owen Ryan, International AIDS Society
Olive Shisana, Evidence Based Solutions
Muganzi Alex Muganga, IAS Governing Council
Mark Wainberg, McGill University
Judith Auerbach University of California San Francisco
Peter Reiss, Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam, and HIV Monitoring Foundation, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Peter Piot, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
Anton Pozniak, SSAT/ Chelsea and Westminster Hospital
Faustine Ndugulile, Parliament of Tanzania
Kenneth Mayer, Fenway Health
Kevin Osborne, International AIDS Society
Horacio Salomon, Instituto de Investigaciones Biomédicas en Retrovirus
Luis Soto-Ramirez, Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Médicas y Nutricion, Mexico
Ada Adimora, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Sergii Dvoriak, Ukrainian Institute on Public Health Pol
Jens Lundgren, University of Copenhagen
Jürgen Rockstroh, University Hospital Bonn
Adeeba Kamarulzaman, University of Malaya
Michel Kazatchkine, UN
Mauro Schechter, Projeto Praça Onze
Stefano Vella, Istituto Superiore Di Sanita - Rome
Memory Muturiki, International AIDS Society
Mark Feinberg, IAVI
Nealon DeVore, International AIDS Society
Andrew Brett, International AIDS Society
Lina Golob, International AIDS Society
Idun Strand, International AIDS Society
Catherine Berner McClain, International AIDS Society
Rosanne Lamplough, International AIDS Society
Anthony Nguyen, International AIDS Society
Gearóid Fitzmaurice, International AIDS Society
Matthieu Savy, International aids society
Marlene Bras, Journal of the International AIDS Society
Megan Warren, International AIDS Society
Marissa Vicari, International AIDS Society
Isabelle Fontaine, International AIDS Society
Pascal Muriset, International AIDS Society
Stephen Boswell, Fenway Health/Harvard Medical School
Erika Lundström, International AIDS Society
Sarah Watt, International AIDS Society
Marta Lopes, International AIDS Society
Dario Porru, International AIDS Society
Sophie Andriol, International AIDS Society
Gwendoline de la Kethulle, International AIDS Society
Laura Fernandez Diaz, International AIDS Society
Lotte Zoetmulder, International AIDS Society
Anna Grimsrud, International AIDS Society
Kristina Collins, International AIDS Society
Manu Ndlovu, International AIDS Society
Tara Mansell, International AIDS Society
Mandy Sugrue, International AIDS Society
Timothy Mastro, FHI 360
Kelley Lennon, FHI 360
Kerstin Gürtler, International AIDS Society
Reena Rajasuriar, Centre of Excellence for Research in AIDS
Maria Theresa Anthony, Centre Of Excellence For Research In AIDS, University Of Malaya
Nuruljannah Nor Azmi, University of Malaya
Rumana Saifi, CERiA, University of Malaya
Jasmin Jalil, Malaysian AIDS Foundation
Jean Pierre Fort, International AIDS Society
Tamara Torri, International AIDS Society
Nelli Bazarova, International AIDS Society
Mercy Odhiambo, International AIDS Society
Gabrielle Arfaoui, International AIDS Society
Diddie Schaaf, International AIDS Society
Vanessa Tracey, International AIDS Society
Birgit Poniatowski, International AIDS Society
Sebastien Morin, International AIDS Society
Lucy Benoit, International AIDS Society
Khulani Chiliza, International AIDS Society Durban Local Office
Uli Piest, Consultant
Lucy Mears, International AIDS Society
Shamsa Abdulrasak, International Aids Society
Caroline Cardona, International AIDS Society
Joe Entwistle, International AIDS Society
Vadim Klorfine, OST Programm Poltava Ukraine
Jeanne Mencier, International AIDS Society
Laura-Anna Frühwald, International AIDS Society
Marco Simonelli, friends of the global fund europe - italy
Alex Douliot, International AIDS Society
Katalin Kiss, International AIDS Society
Refilwe Mosia, International AIDS Society Durban Local Office
Olivia Mettler, International AIDS Society
Shelly Shochat, International AIDS Society
Filipa Marques, International AIDS Society
Anton Basenko, Alliance for Public Health, INPUD, ENPUD
Cheick Tidiane Tall, Réseau EVA
Charles Siwela, Youth Engage (Zimbabwe)
Jorrit Kabel, Aids Fonds
Yves Yomb, Africagay contre le sida
Tatiana Mouhebati, STI AIDS Netherlands
Parfait Behen, Alternatives Cameroun
Alexandra Phaëton, Coalition PLUS
Paul Sagna, IHAA
Souhaila Bensaid, Association Tunisienne de Prevention Positive
Alastair Hudson, FPA
Eva Roos, Aids Fonds
Hans Schuppert, Aids Fonds
Marga Broodwinner, Aids Fonds (NL)
Mary Hommes, Aids Fonds - Soa Aids Nederland
Nicolas RITTER, Prevention Information et Lutte contre le Sida (PILS)
Mitchell Warren, AVAC
Niall Mulligan, HIV Ireland
M de Jong, Aids Fonds
Martine Weve, STOP AIDS NOW!
Irina Lut, Family Planning Association
Andrew Dalton, Thrive NE
Lois Thoms
Fred Bladou, Aides/Gaïa/IAS
Michaël Kensenhuis, Aids Fonds - STOP AIDS NOW!
Lisa Thorley, Terrance Higgins Trust
Elske van Putten, Aids Fonds
Baptiste Fontaine, International AIDS Society
Laura Sharp, Office for psychosocial research
Breda Gahan, Concern Worldwide
Tijana Zegura, Juventas
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Wilson Box, Zimbabwe Civil Liberties and Drug Network
Angelle Chapman, Aids Fonds
Steven Ellington
Luís Mendão, EATG/GAT/European CSF on HIV/AIDS
Vera Da Ros, REDUC Brazilian Harm Reduction&Human Rights Networ
Gerhard Peters
Rokonol Rabbi, Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS
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Marama Pala, INA (Māori, Indigenous and South Pacific) HIV/AIDS foundation
Yogan Pillay, National Department of Health
Morgane AHMAR, ALCS (Maroc)
Catherine Hankins, Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development
Monique Montenarie, Aids Fund Netherlands
Rita Wahab, MENA Rosa
Rita Wahab, Vivre Positif
Anne Dankert, Aids
Positive Strokes, Positive Strokes swim team
Casper W Erichsen, Positive Vibes Trust
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Manuel Izdebski, Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe
Heide Jimenez Davila, Groupe sida Genève
Harm Reduction Coalition
Juliet Akumu, sauti skika
Angeline Chiwetani, Widows Fountain of Life
Taurayi Nyandoro, Zimbabwe Aids Network (ZAN)
Onwa Somtsewu, TheDesmond Tutu HIV Foundation
S Samraj, Christian AIDS/HIV National Alliance (CANA)
Bruno Spire, Inserm
Baningi Mkhize, DTHF, University of Cape Town
andre uwayezu wiceceka, christian support organization
Salim Issa Aids Fonds
Sophie Baillon, Coalition PLUS
Wafa Djelssi, vice president du GS++ / ATL
Mohamed Msefer, ITPC Mena
Marsha Sandiford, Care Barbados
Tyler Crone, ATHENA
Krista Martel, The Well Project
Modupe Okunola, MPH Student
Eve Mendel, Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation
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romina quercia, VHC
Arthur Miller, CAAN
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Robert Reinhard, Canadian HIV Cure Enterprise
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millicent Atujuna, Desmond Tutu HIV Centre
Joseph Tucker, UNC Project-China
Jeffrey Klausner, UCLA
Filomena Aguiar, Fundação Portuguesa "A Comunidade Contra a Sida"
Rukia farah, indegeous community of muslim women living with HIV in kenya
Arumugam Sankar, EMPOWER INDIA
Muriel Mac-Seing, University of Montreal
Katherine Brouhard, Abt Associates
Tez Anderson, Let's Kick ASS-AIDS Survivor Syndrome
Sébastien Sabbagh, Canadian HIV Cure Enterprise (CanCURE)
Marilia Santini-Oliveira, Fiocruz
James Owen Mulenga, Treatment Advocacy and Literacy Campaign (TALC)
Svetlana Doltu, NGO AFI (Act For Involvment
Michel Bourrelly, CRIPS Île de France
dieuwke bosmans, Aids Fonds
Alla Volokha Shupyk, National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education
Cyprien Habakurama, Prive
Jose Valdez Madruga, CRT-DST/AIDS Sao Paulo
Uzoamaka Uja, Ministry of Health,Abia State
Arda Karapinar, Red Ribbon İstanbul
Philippe Van de Perre, University Montpellier
Txema Calleja, WHO
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Steffanie Strathdee, Ucsd
Catherine Thompson, Abt Associates
Alfred osoti, University of Nairobi
Sandro Vento, Nazarbayev University, Astana, Kazakhstan
Lionel Hillard Dallas Ryan White Planning Council, & Research
Francois Dabis, Bordeaux University
Marie-Louise Newell, University of Southampton
Anthony Harries, International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, Paris, France
Adamson Munthali,
Diane DalleMolle, Cabrini Ministries, Swaziland
Rev. Michael Schuenemeyer, United Church of Christ HIV & AIDS Network (UCAN)
Alessandra Nilo, Gestos-HIV, Communication and Gender
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Samuel Olowookere, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria
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Sue Willard, Rutgers university/association of nurses in AIDS care
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Kay Marshall
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Ayesha Kharsany, CAPRISA
Justina Mutale, POSITIVE RUNWAY: Global Catwalk to Stop the Spread of HIV/AIDS
Ayesha Kharsany, CAPRISA
Natella Rakhmanina, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation
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Mirjam Musch, HIVOS
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Michael O'shaughnessy, Retired
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Fiona Bisshop
Ricardo Barradas
Gaetano Marrone, Karolinska Institutet
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Marla Allen
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Suzanne Zhou n/a
Yen-Chin Chen, National Cheng Kung University
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Michael Louella, defeatHIV
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John Hall, Victorian AIDS Council
Elisabeth Wilkinson, ASHM
Archana Sud, Nepean Hospital
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John Dyer, Fiona Stanley Hospital, Western Australia
Elsa Chia, ICWAP
Gerry O'Brien, VAC
Paul Whyte, Gel Works
Hugo Soudeyns, Centre de recherchedu CHU Sainte-Justine, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Pradeep Jayashantha, Sri Lanka Air Force/Griffith University
Kathleen Ludwig
Lucie Perrissel, ASHM
Eleanor Frederick, Antigua & Barbuda HIV/AIDS Network Inc.
Vara Ouk, Calmette hospital Cambodia
John Mills, Monash Uni & The Alfred Hospital
Phil Carswell, AIDS Historian
Adolphe Luponga, FORU SIDA RDC
Lee Storrow, North Carolina AIDS Action Network
Bernard Gardiner, University of Queensland & Queensland AIDS Council
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Shawn Clackett, Pacific Friends of the Global Fund
Carine Van Lint, University of Brussels (ULB)
Sheng-Fan Wang, Department of Medical Laboratory Science and Biotechnology
Jaime Andrade-Villanueva, CUCS, Universidad de Guadalajara
Eugene Kroon, SEARCH, Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre
Robert Schooley, University of California, San Diego
Michele Delaforce, Cairns Sexual Health Service
Carrie Foote, Indiana University
Luis Alfonso Maldonado, Arteaga Ecuaamerican
Nitasha Kumar, Emory university
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Marisol Valenzuela, Lara Censida
Vladanka Andreeva
Neema Makyao, NACP
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Trent Yarwood, ASHM
Tendani Muthambi, ONE Campaign
Luis Sanchez, COESIDA NL
Jean-Lambert Mandjo, Aholoma
Murray Penner, NASTAD
Isaac Sekitoleko, Makerere University- Case Western Reserve University collaboration
Deirdre Byrne, VAC
Muzamil Makhdoomi, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi
David Ostrow, David Ostrow Consulting
Jean-Claude Vimpy-kula, Roche Diagnostics
Joshua Wamboga, Uganda Network of AIDS Service Organisations (UNASO)
Naina Rani, WHO Country Office, India
Christoph Mayr, DAIG/ dagnä
Rosalind Coleman
Bhawani Kusum, Gram Bharati Samiti (GBS)
Andrew Robinson, North West Provincial Department of Health
Basil Donovan, Kirby Institute, UNSW Australia
Matti Ristola, Helsinki University Hospital
Wamala Twaibu, Ugnda Harm Reduction Network(UHRN)
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Harriet Ndagire, Strengthening TB and HIV&AIDS responses in East Central Uganda
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Peter van Rooijen, International Civil Society Support
Pierre de Truchis, APHP Hopital R Poincare, Entraide Santé 92, Garches, France
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Aabida Khan, NHLS Virology, University of Cape Town
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Shamsa Abdulrasak, International Aids Society
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Lakew Temeselew Adama Hospital Medical College, Adama, Ethiopia
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Tom Craig
Adeline Bernier Coalition Internationale Sida
Anne-Marie Taburet Hopital Bicetre AP/HP
Umesh Kumar Ojha Gorkhapatra
Michel Kazatchkine UN
Mary Chidanyika Desmond Tutu HIV Center
Petros Isaakidis Medecins sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders
Melissa Barber
John Hyde GOPAC Oceania
Sabine Hermans Amsterdam Institution for Global Health and Development
Dumbani Kayira CDC Malawi
Jean Pierre Mahoungou Association Bomoi
Valerie Esmo MABA RENAPC
Elizabeth Hobbs Omega Diagnostics
Frank Martinez LAC-USC
John Bannister Omega Diagnostics
Manuel Goncalves ViiV Healthcare
Olga Palao Instituto de Salud Carlos III
Asier Saez-Cirion Institut Pasteur
Salvador Resino ISCIII
Cecilia Kihara International HIV/AIDS Alliance
Halima Ibrahim Institute of Human Virology, Nigeria
Abayomi Peter nil
Mayte Pérez-Olmeda Insituto de Salud Carlos III
Najibullah Safi Ministry of Public Health Afghanistan
Abayomi Peter nil
Koen Block European AIDS Treatment Group
Patrick Thengo Ministry of Health, Malawi
Tendayi Westerhof PAPWC
Tim Leaver St Stephen's AIDS Trust
K Rivet Amico University of Michigan, School of Public Health, Department of Health Behavior and Health Education
Chris Collins UNAIDS
Whitney van Schyndel AIGHD
Henry Chang Actevis Consulting Group
Yvon van Delft Janssen
Talkmore Taurai Mazorodze Swaziland Network of Young Positives
Rajesh Uchil Holy family hospital
Christine Rouzioux Université Paris Descartes
Sakina Sayyad APNSW
Jean Claude Kiluba PATH
Hajarat B. Hubballi UKMO
John Luwani Baylor College of Medicine Children's Foundation Malawi
Ank Kamps-Gowans Beckman Coulter
Surekha Ager Mahilakranti
Han Siong Toh Chi Mei Medical Center, Taiwan
John Luwani Baylor College of Medicine Children's Foundation Malawi
Liz Crock ASHM
John Luwani Baylor College of Medicine Children's Foundation Malawi
Nadine Pakker AIGHD
Suananda Haveri Spandana mahila okkoota, Havei
Joachim Steinmetz Gilead
Francis Ntengereze Ssali JCRC
J. Craig Phillips University of Ottawa, Health Sciences, Nursing
Manjula Ramaiah Ashodaya Samithi
Martina Eaton
Maruti Metri Drushti
Nalla Burk HIV community nurse
Sharon Cooper JCW+
Namakula Nakato Daisy WONETHA
Glenda Gray SAMRC
Lella Cosmaro Fondazione LILA Milano ONLUS
joyce kamondo mother/child with AIDS support organisation
Hendrica Okondo World YWCA
Wezi Thamm WECARe plus
Roberta Astolfi A77 Cooperativa Sociale
Jairus Kipyego Partners - Moi University
Professor Andrew Miles European Society for Person Centered Healthcare
Antonio Palummieri National Institute for Infectious Diseases "Lazzaro Spallanzani" IRCCS
Jane Anderson Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Ingrid Bassett Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School
Carla Silveira Pathfinder International
Reiner Ribarics Gilead Sciences
Toni-Ellen brown Urban League of Hampton Roads, Inc.
Jill Gilmour Iavi
Jochen Ehmer SolidarMed
Dadrina Emmanuel Community Education Empowerment & Development
Tracy Swan
Oluwaseyi Arowosegbe University of Cape Town
Manjula Ramaiah Ashodaya Samithi
Игорь/ IGOR Кильчевский/ Chilcevschii Лига ЛЖВ Р Молдовы/ Liga PTH RM
Jen Kates Kaiser Family Foundation
Felix Gutierrez Hospital General Universitario de Elche, Spain
Samuel Kalluvya Bugando medical centre
Dean Phiri MInistry of Health
Brook Baker Health Global Access Project and Northeastern U. School of Law
Gaby Wirz
James Brust Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Andrzej Horban Hospital of Infectious Dieases, Warsaw, Poland
Mable Bolele SADC
Annedien Plantenga PharmAccess Foundation
Matteo Giannelli LILA Milano ONLUS
Sandra Simons MSF
Larry Chang Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Sarah Wilson Beckham Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
Jason Farley Association of Nurses in AIDS Care / Johns Hopkins University Nursing
Elizabrth Bukusi KEMRI
MaqC Eric Gitau UNICEF
Bokally Dande Jean Armand Fiafoundation
Gerard van Osch St. Maarten AIDS Foundation
Sean Rourke University of Toronto
Deirdre Seery The Sexual Health Centre Ireland
Donna Futterman MD Adolesent AIDS Program, Montefiore
Kara Wools-Kaloustian Indiana University School of Medicine
Michele Maignan Fondation Esther Boucicault Stanislas
Daren Paul Katigbak The Camillian Fathers, Inc.
Nittaya Phanuphak Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre
Marie Therese Goerger none
Jabulani Tshabalala Umguza AIDS Foundation
Brian Weir Johns Hopkins University
David Bradford None - retired physician
Memory Sachikonye UK-CAB
Meli Hermine Kouonmenioc CBO Affirmative Action and Yaoundé central hospital
Jose López Aldeguer Hospital La Fe
Martha Baillie Waverley Care
Karsten Lunze Boston University
Natika Halil FPA UK (Famlily Planning Association)
Rick Bovendeert
Rikia Ahmed Farah ICW-Kenya
Dathan Mirembe Byonanebye Makerere University
Jacqui Stevenson
Monica Malta FIOCRUZ
Adrianne Alpuche C-NET+
Laura Myers Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation
Joel Goldman ETAF
Moisés Agosto-Rosario NMAC
Niklas Luhmann Doctors of the World France
Laela Wilding ETAF
Natasha Chida Johns Hopkins University
juergen noeske CONSULTANT
Jean-Luc Romero ELCS
AlanTimothy Christopher Lunceford-Stevens End AIDS Now
werner cabooter MSD
Carolyn Ragland Self-Employed
Lynda Piper-Roche DNDI
George Valiotis HIV Scotland
Kendale Trapp Empower Yourself Belize Movement (EYBM)
Manuel Battegay University Hospital Basel
Giuliano Rizzardini Luigi Sacco hospital
Marina Giuliano Istituto Superiore di Sanita'
Stephen Gange Johns Hopkins University
Mikhael de Souza MSF
Princess Simekela Presidency/ RSA
Manjula Ramaiah Ashodaya Samithi
Sabine Yerly Geneva University Hospital
Carlo Oliveras Adolescent HIV Treatment Coalition
Anders Sönnerborg Karolinska Institutet
Rhys Tivey
Kathleen Charters Inst Global Health uni Liverpoool
Charles Flexner Johns Hopkins University
Andrea Binelli Istituto superiore di sanita
Rose Wilcher FHI 360
Rick Galli bioLytical Laboratories
Wwesige Brian Infectious Diseases Research Collabration
Nick Hellmann EGPAF
Nasheedah Muhammad TRANS Lives
Mehebub Mahomed Jhpiego
Margaret McCluskey USAID
Ignacio De Los Santos Hospital Universitario De La Princesa
Luann Hatane PATA
Cristin Klein The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation
Richard Gilson University College London
Anthony Ruffin GHRHIV services
Marina Klein McGill University Health Centre
Cindy Elliott HIV Pharmacist
Robert Boodhoo Singh Community
Shamin Jr Mohamed LetsStopAIDS
Cynthia Rothschild Independent human rights activist
Maree Nutt RESULTS International Australia
Pedro Cahn Fundacion Huesped
Jeff Lazarus AFEW
Parmindar Lotay Pharm Access Africa Limited
Jaime Todd-Ghert Amnesty International
Juan Manuel Rodriguez Lopez Empoderate - La Clinica del Pueblo
Jennifer Slyker University of Washington
Sean Rourke University of Toronto
Marilyn Thompson Jamaica AIDS Support for Life
Gladys Lungu UNC Alere Project Zambia
Roy Gulick Weill Cornell Medicine
Renee Heffron University of Washington
Pulod Dzhamolov SPIN Plus
Ben Plumley Pangaea Global AIDS
Javid Syed American Jewish World Service
Robert Bailey Greater Hampton Roads TGA Ryan White Planning Council
Paul Skolnik Virginia Tech - Carilion School of Medicine
John-Manuel Andriote Author-Journalist
Kenneth Lichtenstein Eisenhower Medical Center
Isik Somuncu Johansen Odense University Hospital, Denmark
Sylvia Urban DAH
Ana Teasdale Pangaea Global AIDS
Omar Sued Fundacion Huesped
Enaam Oudih Relationships Australia SA
John Rogerson Alcohol and Drug Foundation Australia
Polyana Monteiro Albuquerque UPE
Lisa Maher Kirby institute, UNSW
Esteban Martinez Hospital Clínic, University of Barcelona
Ana Maria Burdiles Pinto Centro VIH/SIDA Hosp. San José, Santiago - Chile
Mark Bloch Holdsworth House Medical Practice
Francisco Altagracia Grupo Este Amor
Tom Carter citizen
Quinn Tivey Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation
Gustavo Costilla Campero Hospital Angel C. Padilla, Tucumán, Argentina
antony Ierufi
Mohamed Ali Agrebi Damj Pour la justice et l'égalité
Yen-Chin Chen National Cheng Kung University
Miriam Vega UMMA Community clinic
Raju Kumar Gurung /Male Naulo Ghumti Nepal
Avnish Jolly Public Health and Legal Consultant
Jean-michel Molina ANRS
Lars Peters CHIP, University of Copenhagen
Gabriella Gavazzeni Anlaids Anlaids
Luann Hatane PATA
Farhad Mazi Hiv-Sverige/HIV-SWEDEN
hafidha chekir université Al Manar.Tunis
Niel Victor Clinical & Research Psychologist, Cape Town
Manuel Antonio AMSA-ONG
Joost Kruytzer PharmAccess
Paul Decle Forum Link
Rob Cookson LGBT foundation
Jacqueline Round
Sergey Uchayev Coomunity of PLHIV in Uzbekistan
Kevin Guiney Victorian AIDS Council
Stefano Rusconi DIBIC Luigi Sacco, University of Milan, Italy
rakia derbel ATLCR
Irene Ayoo ACAFS
Mubiru Sam Naguru Youth Health Network
Darlene Robertson La AIDS Advocacy Network
Laurence Brunet University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Pokrath Hansasuta Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University
Aleksandr Khodanovich Belarusian PLHIV Community
Richelle Joe University of Central Florida
Shaun Bera Youth Rise
Bruce Richman Prevention Access Campaign
Dora HIVforum
Josip Begovac University of Zagreb, School of Medicine
Terry Lowman
Massimo Oldrini Italian League for Fighting Aids
Raúl Salazar Castro Asociación Civil PORLASALUD, Perú
Gavin Reid International HIV/AIDS Alliance
Maria Carla Gullotta Stand up for Jamaica
Catherine Madondo Multiple Therapy Trust
Rodrigo Aguilar Cornejo Colectivo Zapotlán VIHVO A. C.
Christopher Duncombe Pangaea Global AIDS
Eric Wright Georgia State University
Livingstone Ssali The AIDS Support Organisation (TASO) Uganda Limited
Star Rugori Mouvement pour les Libertes Individuelles
Robert Bonacci Brigham and Women's Hospital
Robert Hemmer Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg
Reginald Brown VOCAL-NY
Jennifer Mark University of Washington
Jose I Bernardino Hospital Universitario La Paz
Teresa Branco Hospital Fernando Fonseca
Pear Fraser Nickerie Aids Team
Christopher Akolo LINKAGES, FHI 360
Yukari Manabe Johns Hopkins University
Itzchak Levy IAS
Liz Highleyman
Antonella d'Arminio Monforte University of Milan
Imran Manji AMPATH, Eldoret, Kenya
Jose M Miro Hospital Clinic, Barcelona, Spain
Sarah Feagan Positive Women Victoria
Muhamed Akulima Amref Health Africa
Judith Wasserheit University of Washington
Edward Moreno La Trobe University
Marc van der Valk AMC
Eric Nagaonlé Some Institut de Recherche en Sciences de la Santé Burkina Faso
Ria Reis University of Amsterdam
Dereck Springer PANCAP
J Peter Figueroa University of the West Indies
Lynn Gazley The College of New Jersey
Frank Martinez LAC-USC
Rhoda REddock
Melanie Adekale MD Health Consulting Ltd
Stevent Sumantri Universitas Pelita Harapan
Pia Covre Comitato per i Diritti Civili delle Prostitute Onlus
Aurelio Orta Reséndiz Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Médicas y Nutrición Salvador Zubirán
Wwesige Brian Infectious Diseases Research Collabration
Georges Dubi he MSPP
Dudu Simelane IPPF Africa Regional Office
Sisse Ostrowski Copenhagen University Hospital, Rigshospitalet, Denmark
Line Vibholm Departement of infectious diseases, Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark
Birgit Kvinesdal Copenhagen University Hospital
Nina Friis-Møller University of Southern Denmark
Frank Møller Lange DSI
Axel Moeller Kolding Hospital, Denmark
Lars Nielsen Hilleroed Hospital
Bo Hønge Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark
Aurelie Nelson
Patricia Volkow Instituto Nacional de Cancerologia, Mexico
Lars Mathiesen Dep inf dis Copenhagen University hospital, Hvidovre denmark
Johanna Kehler AIDS Legal Network, South Africa
Lene Ryom CHIP, Copenhagen University Hospital
Mari Molvik Danish Society of Infectious Diseases
Christian Tjagvad University of Oslo
Johanna Axelsson Dep. of Infectious Diseases, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen
chikumbutso kajiyanike Baylor College of Medicine-Children's Foundation Malawi
Reimar Thomsen Aarhus University Hospital
Josephine Jiyani Baylor College of Medicine-Children's Foundation Malawi
Ulla Balslev DSI
Nina Weis Copenhagen University Hospital, Hvidovre
Anders Porskrog Hvidovre Hospital, Denmark
Ann-Brit Eg Hansen Department of Infectious Diseases,Hvidovre University Hospital, Denmark
Teresa Branco Bo
Teresa Branco Hospital Fernando Fonseca Portugal
James Hart
Duc Nguyen Australasian Society for HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Sexual Health Medicine
Niluka Perera Youth Voices Count
Carolyn Gomes Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition (CVC)
Flavia Moreira Soares Health Department, Santa CatarinaState
Dianne Nyoni Self activist
Jennifer Audsley DohertyInstitute/University of Melbourne
Eswar Krishnasamy Pronto!, Victorian AIDS Council
Francesco Marinucci Sysmex
Chamane Sibusiso Dept. Mineral Resources
Birgitte Lindegaard Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen Denmark
Marie Helleberg Copenagen University Hospital, Rigshospitalet
Shamsa Abdulrasak International Aids Society
Matthias Stoll Medical University Hannover (MHH), Unit for Infectious Diseases, D-30623 Hanover, Germany
Alice Chan Society For AIDS Care Hong Kong
Svetlana Kulsis Association of HIV affected women and their families “Demetra”
Niels Højlyng University of Copenhagen
Josep Mallolas Hospital Clínic
Robin Irwin Hiv Vereniging Nederland
Ole Baek Danish Infectious Diseases Society
Maria Wessman Department of Infectious Diseases, Copenhagen University Hospital, Hvidovre
Paul Zantkuijl Aids Fonds
Paul Zantkuijl Aids Fonds
Jens Steen Olesen Aarhus University Hospital
Diego Deserti Gruppo Salute - CIG Arcigay Milano
Karina Kirk Aalborg University Hospital, Denmark
Laura Richert Inserm, Univ Bordeaux
Dumiso Gatsha Success Capital Organisation
Antony Oomen Soa Aids Nederland
Corry Manting - de Vries Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development (AIGHD)
Aedan Wolton cliniQ
Meg Davis NYU Center for Human Rights and Global Justice
Camilla Ingrid Hatleberg CHIP, Dept. of In fectious Disease, Copenhagen Univ. Hospital
Rebecca Kubanji University of Botswana
Chris Elbers VU Amsterdam
Guido Poli San Raffaele University and Hospital, MIlano, Italy
Kim Sigaloff Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development
Gittr Kronborg Danish Society of Infectious Diseases
Jenny Hand LASS
Dominique Limet ViiV Healthcare
Ulrik W. Bak Dragsted Amager Hospital
M Visser WASH for life
Niels Henrik Valerius Hvidovre Hospital, DK
Yuen Man, Eris Lau Hong Kong AIDS Foundation
Hally Mahler FHI 360
Sophie Strachan The Sophia Forum
Anthony Ayanwale nigerian redcross society
Mounir Ait-Khaled ViiV Healthcare
Frank Lehmann
Dan Kilgariff Leicestershire AIDS Support Services
Наталья Исаева ВБО "Легалайф-Украина"
Achyuta Nori St George's University of London
Jacqulyn Joseph Supporter Caribbean Coalition
Nienke Westerhof Aids Fonds - STOP AIDS NOW!
Bent Hansen Hiv-Danmark
David Jamieson Crown Agents
Jens Wilhelmsborg HIV-Denmark
Auriane Biron student
Margaret L Waverley Care
Enhance Hungwe Civil Society Organisation
Franceina Hopkins Positive voices
Anne Oevrehus Odense University Hospital
Joost van der Meer PHESTA
Ann Fordham International Drug Policy Consortium administrators
Liévin Kapend PNMLS
Anke Van Dam AFEW International
Ava Avalos Careena Centre for Health
Nicasio Jr Magno Positive Action Foundation Philippines Inc. (PAFPI)
Keitumetse Serumola Mothers2mothers
João Brito GAT
Mahtab Chehri Danish Society of Infectious Diseases
Tim Farley Sigma3 Services SARL
Kent Buse UNAIDS
Chris Chaplin Dignitas International
Grace Webster Dignitas International
Елена Фиськова Легалайф-Украина
Owen Blacker
Michele Kipke Children's Hospital Los Angeles
Hortense de Préville MSF
Наталия Дорофеева БО "ВБО "Легалайф-Украина"
Kakaire Simon love to love organization
Tinashe Rufurwadzo Africaid Zvandiri
David Reznik HIV Dental Alliance
Theo Sandfort Columbia University
Scott Robertson Envision Zambia
Tian Johnson African Alliance for HIV Prevention
Davy Ndlovu Tsoro-o-tso San Development Trust
Muhammad Amer The News, International, Lahore (Pakistan)
Benjamin Driry Indiana University
Bruce Richman Prevention Access Campaign
Ditte Marie Kirkegaard-Klitbo Dep. Infect. Dis. Copenhagen University Hospital, Hvidovre Hospital, Denmark
David Dalmau Mutuaterrassa University Hospital
Ruben del Prado UNAIDS
Cristina Calderón AEMVIH
Nsovo Mayimele SA DOH
Toke Barfod Zealand University Hospital Roskilde
Carlos García de León Moreno ICASO/MSMGF/Ave de México/GayLatino
Kandasi Levermore Jamaica AIDS Support for Life
Ed Ngoksin
Ole Kirk Rigshospitalet, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Ulla Hjort Danish Society of Infectious Diseases
Rémi Fromentin Université de Montréal
Kelly Lowensen Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing
B. R. Simon Rosser U of M HIV/STI Intervention & Prevention Studies Program
Akilah Shelley National Family Planning Board
Wesley Kumwenda Network of Journalists Living with HIV in Malawi (JONEHA)
Heejeong Han G-HANDS
Ron Simmons Us Helping Us, People Into Living, Inc.
Carl Shiu Abbott Laboratories
Nondo Ejano WGNRR Africa
Jeremy Kwan
Angela Cescon
Jack Downey Independent
Ahm Haque Student
Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers APNSW
Martyn French University of Western Australia
Gitte Kronborg Department of Infectious Diseases, University of Copenhagen, Hvidovre Hospital
Jean Francois Golay SDC
Sini Pasanen Positiiviset ry, HivFinland
Katy Roy ashm
Signe Maj Sørensen Dansk Selskab for Infektionsmedicin
Ulrich Seybold Ludwig Maximilians Universität, München
Ronald Brands Dutch HIV Association
huang zheng SCMC
Anne H J Gedeon National AIDS Council Seychelles
Aqeel Ahmed Sympathy Welfare Organization
Keslyn Swartz
Anders Dahl Hiv-Danmark
Volodymyr Zhovtyak ECUO
Midnight Poonkasetwattana APCOM
Anne Jepsen Hiv-danmark
Carine Weiss Medicus Mundi Switzerland
Nadine Williams Durban Tourism
Richard Linga Men In Action Foundation
Allan Anderson Positively UK
Eline Op de Coul National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, Netherlands
Елена Фиськова Легалайф-Украина
Evgeny Pisemskiy NGO Phoenix PLUS (Russia)
Chi-Tai Fang National Taiwan University
Zhiwei Chen AIDS Institute
Bibi Berretty AIGHD
Yuri Guaiana Associazione Radicale Certi Diritti
Rhoda Thomas LASS
Kenneth van Emden Suriname Men United
Annet Davis Uniivesity of Pennsylvania
Volodymyr Zhovtyak ECUO
Laura Mazzola Global Health Consulting
Jeremy Steffan Edwards The Silver Lining Foundation
Magatte Mbodj Allliance Nationale Contre le SIA (ANCS)
Massogui Thiandoume Alliance Nationale Contre le Sida
Clever Ndanga Zimbabwe
Charles Lyons Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation
Alex Smith AIDS Alabama
Feliciano Reyna Acción Solidaria en VIH/sida
Madeleine Madioune ANCS
Cheikh Ahmed Tidiane Cissokho ANCS
Betty Babirye Kwagala TASO Uganda Ltd.
Patrick Brenny UNAIDS
Patrick Braun PZB Aachen
Sarah Opendi Ministry of Health, Uganda
Jordan White Johns Hopkins University
Valdilea Veloso Fundação Oswaldo Cruz
Desiree Edghill Artistes In Direct Support
Jennifer Smith-Camejo Positive Women's Network - USA
Fernando De Hoyos Latinos Salud
Денис Коршунов ЕСЛУН
Андрей Ветров ИГ"Вторая Жизнь"
Stasa Plecas Sex Workers' Rights Advocacy Network in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia (SWAN)
Андрей Ветров ИГ"Вторая Жизнь"
Stephaun Wallace Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Sarah Konopka Management Sciences for Health
Aase Bengaard Andersen Copenhagen University Hospital
Ariel Cerrud Advocates for Youth
Chris Visser Foundation for Professional Development
Danielle Campbell PxROAR
Paul Drain University of Washington
Hiba Alhassin Mohamed Osman Ministry of health/preventive medicine
Ann Collier University of Washington
Lola Abayomi International HIV/AIDS Alliance
Daniel Silva University of Chicago
Max Meis KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation
Latsin Alijev Estonian Network PLWHIV
Allison Samuel National HIV & AIDS Response Programme Dominica
Daniella Mark PATA
Craig Raymond Carty University of Oxford
Steen Villumsen Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen University Hospital, Denmark
Darryl O'Donnell Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations
Alice Armstrong WHO
Sanne Jespersen Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark and Bandim Health Project, Guinea-Bissau
Morten Helms Department of Infectious Diseases, Copenhagen University Hospital, Hvidovre
Sonia Boender Stichting HIV Monitoring
Luuk Boon i+solutions
Per Strand Research Consultant
Maria Tallarico UNDP
инна хильман оо центр новых возможностей содействия защите здоровъя и социальной справедливости точка опоры
Oleksii Blazhenko ENPUD
Marie-Pierre de Béthune Janssen
Peter Wiessner Action against AIDS, Germany
Andrew Grulich Kirby Institute, UNSW Australia
Howard Armistead Executive Director of the Selenium Research Institute
Consolata Opiyo International community of women living with HIV Kenya
Patricia Asero Ochieng ICWEA
Consolata Opiyo ICWEA
Patricia Asero Ochieng ICWEA
Monique Gueguen MSF
Stine Mikkelsen DSI
Gennady Roshchupkin Eurasion Coalition on Male Health (ECOM)
Nadine Damaris Abiola CDC
Johnmark Opondo Saskatoon Health Region
Roy Chan Action for AIDS Singapore
Michael Krone AIDS Action Europe
Sumita Banerjee Action for AIDS Singapore
Paul Marsden Pact
Jennifer Whitaker Mayo Clinic
Althea Bailey University of the West Indies Mona
Anamaria Bejar International HIV AIDS Alliance
Robin Weiss University College London
Susana Fried Yale Global Health Justice Partnership
Robin Miller Michigan State University
Eugenia López Balance
Vitaly Djuma Eurasian Coalition on Male Health (ECOM)
Rebecca Matheson International Community of Women Living with HIV
John Miller The Coalition for Children Affected by AIDS
Sean Howell Hornet Gay Social Network
Mauro Cabral Global Action for Trans* Equality (GATE)
Anna Forbes independent consultant
David Lye Institute of Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology, Singapore
Lionel Hillard
Wafa Djelssi GS++ Tunisie
lionel hillard
Lydia Mungherera Mamas Club
Masen Davis Global Action for Trans Equality
Rosemary Mburu WACI Health
Alexandrina Wong Women Against rape Inc.
Abhina Aher GATe
Souhaila Bensaid ATP+
Caitlin Kennedy Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Shri Bhagwan Bawwa Eduction Haryana
David Bissoon Guyana Trans United
Farhad Mazi Hiv-Sverige / HIV-SWEDEN
Laura Kirch Kirkegaard AIDS-Fondet
Marama Pala INA (Māori, Indigenous & South Pacific) HIV/AIDS Foundation
EcoGlobal EcoGlobal
Itzel Damaris Rojas EcoGlobal
Kurt Frieder Fundacion Huesped
Silvia Martinez REDTRANS-Nicaragua
Efrain Soria Fundación Ecuatoriana Equidad
Deloris Dockrey ICW-NA
Enrique Chavez AID FOR AIDS
Saxone Woon AfA
Lim Edwin You Hao Action for AIDS Singapore
Lim Terry Chin Peng Action for AIDS Singapore
Tan Alex You Wei Action for AIDS Singapore
Hla Myat U Ceria
Paul Anantharajah Tambyah AfA
Dawn Mok Action for AIDS Singapore
Lokman Hakeem Mohdar Action for Aids
Tiane (Daniel) Le Action for AIDS
Thomas Ng Action for AIDS, Singapore
Itai Rusike Community Working Group on Health (CWGH) - Zimbabwe
Benedict Thambiah Action for AIDS, Singapore
Gisela Schneider German Institute for Medical Mission e.V.
Udom Likhitwonnawut Thailand National CAB
Chris Connelly Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations (AFAO)
Raoul Fransen-dos Santos International Civil Society Support
Marie Ricardo COC Nederland
Khayo Zuma Durban KZN Convention Bureau
Lars Kallings
Cheryl Yeo Action for Aids Singapore
Jennie Kermode Trans Media Watch
Ramunas Ragalinskas Checkpoint:HIV prevention center
Dzmitry Filippau menZDRAV Foundation
Edgar Valdez Instituto para el Desarrollo Humano - Bolivia
Dorothy Mbori-Ngacha UNICEF
Tewodros Melesse IPPF
Jonathan Hopkins IPPF
Igor Medvid HPLGBT
richard wright
Carlos Orte mothers2mothers
James Elliott T1International
Елена Шастина Автономная некоммерческая организация "Новая жизнь"
Bernarda Freire Clinica Juridica - Equidad
Westing Tavarez
Edmund Ong Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Abisola Balogun University of Sheffield
Stephane De Wit Université Libre de Bruxelles
Ousmane Sene AJD PASTEEF
Céline Offerlé AIDES France
Samira Montiel PDDH-Nicaragua
Siphephelo Maphumulo National Department of Public Works (RSA)
Ethel Pengel Double Positive Foundation
Kayla Mitchell CHIWOS Research
Ishtar Lakhani Sex Worker Education and Advocacy Taskforce
Antony Oomen Soa Aids Nederland
Pilar Montalvo SIPIA - LAC
Ethel Pengel Double Positive Foundation
Janet McGrath Case Western Reserve University
Javier Pablo Anamaria Movimiento de Personas con VIH
Laura Nyblade
Caroline Mutoola Lungu-Phiri Mars Culture and Drama Group
Ulises Molina Cavazos Concepto VIH/sida e ITS
Javier Pablo Anamaria Movimiento de Personas con VIH de Peru
Rosa Trigo Juntos por la Vida
ernestina coast London School of Economics
María Luisa Sánchez-Fuentes Medical Roma Femisana
Frank Martinez LAC-USC
Rocío Sudasassi Activista Independiente
Muhammad Aslam Peace Foundation Pakistan
Marlon Taylor Sex work association of jamaica
Thet Ko Aung The Union Myanmar
Donald Kasongi Governance Links Tanzania
Nondo Ejano WGNRR Africa
Marlon Taylor Sex work association of jamaica
Раззаков Зоир равные возможности
Marlon Taylor Sex work association of jamaica
Ntor Amba FHI360
Deusdedit Ruhangariyo New Vision/Orumuri
Roberto Zapata Ventura Centro de Estudios de la Diversidad Sexual y Genérica AMATE El Salvador
Rahab Mwaniki PIPE
Tor-Hugne Olsen Sex og Politikk
Olive Edwards Jamaica Community of Positive Women
Erlan Orsekov Kyrgyz Indigo
Puck Pelzer
Ronald Céspedes Fundación Diversencia / GayLatino Bolivia
Ivana Andreevski HOPS
Charles Malisau Centre for Girls and Interaction
Pearson Malisau African Youth Safe Abortion Alliance (AYOSA)
Chanda Nsofwa family health trust
Whitney Scott King's College London
Ellie FordKamara MSF
Julia Samuelson WHO
Ousmane Sene AJD PASTEEF
Tingting Shen Asia Catalyst
Walter José Trejo Urquiola Catedra de la Paz / Universidad de Los Andes
Diana Lobo Liga Merideña contra el Sida
Dilgimar Lopez Red Juvenil Ciltura de Paz y VIHSIDA Venezuela
Martha Rodriguez ASOVIDA Venezuela
Caitlin Nellian Ipas
Helen Sommerville Private practice
Chanda Nsofwa family health trust
ACTION Global Health Advocacy Partnership
April Randhawa Fred Hutch
Bilkisu Gulma Usmanu Danfodiyo University Teaching Hospital Sokoto, Sokoto State, Nigeria.
Liam Sutcliffe University of Glasgow
Albert obbuyi Centre for The study of Adolescence
Marco Vitoria World Health Organization
Christine Lubinski Infectious Diseases Society of America
Michaela Trutwin
Ruth Helen Paniagua ADIMJO
Audelio Ramírez López Asociación Gente Nueva
John Reid-Hresko Quest University Canada
Luiz Henrique Martins Araújo Ávila Rede Nacional de Adolescentes e Jovens Vivendo com HIV/Aids Brasil
William Charpantier Blanco Fundacion Etnica Integral LA FEI
Maria Jose Fraga Torres RedPVVS-Uruguay
Lene Surland Department of Infectious Diseases, Zeeland University Hospital
Hope Mafaranga New Vision
Britt Andersen Hospital of Ostfold
Adrienne K. Chan Dignitas International and University of Toronto
Oriana Lopez Uribe Fondo MARIA
Adalberto Pérez CHECCOS A C
Kara Redden McGill University
Simon Wagalala The Health Home Iniative(HHI)
Cor Blom Soa Aids Nederland
Grisbel Escobar Asociación Civil Mujeres Unidas por la Salud (MUSAS)
Supecha Baotip Tamtang for safe abortion in Thailand
Shnata Shrestha Beyond Beijing Committee
Kelsey Schroeder
Robin Montgomery Interagency Coalition on AIDS and Development. (ICAD)
Murphy Red Education and Research Commission, Kapederasyon LGBT Organization (Philippines)
Iryna Zablotska The Kirby Institute, UNSW Australia
Julia Samuelson WHO
Mahmudul Hasan Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha (BSS)
Sudhir Karmacharya timi hami ani hamro nepal
Chynara Bakirova AntiAIDS Association
Nic Holas The Institute of Many (TIM)
Keshab Deuba Karolinska Institutet
Fareed Abdullah SANAC
Thomas Benfield University of Copenhagen
Javier Pablo Anamaria Movimiento de Personas con VIH
Bakhtiar Talhah Malaysian AIDS Council
Laura Ines Perez Ottonello REDLA+ URUGUAY
Jane Agergaard Dept of Infectious Diseases, AUH Skejby, DK
Antonio Di Biagio IRCCS AOU San Martino-IST Genoa, Italy
Nadeem Shahzad NNI News Agency Pakistan
John Hannah
Anisa Baghazal County Government of Mombasa, Kenya
Ramon Espacio CALCSICOVA
Adrian Thomas Johnson & Johnson
Mark Villar University of Sydney
Bayardo Gomez Centro de promoción y solidaridad humana
Sumera Yasin Paragon Welfare And Development Council, Pakistan
Hans-Jürgen Stellbrink ICH/ICH Study Center Hamburg
Jesus Cabas Non Government Organization
Soren Jensen-Fangel department of infectious diseases, aarhus university hospital denmark
Soeren Thorsen
Alok Vashishtha Center For Emerging Infectious Diseases, India
George Sathekge private practitioner
Happy Fibi Politeknik Elektronika Negeri Surabaya, Indonesia
Merete Storgaard 1961
Stella Gitia LVCT Health Kenya
Amit Achhra VA Medical Center Bronx
Miriam Vega UMMA Community Clinic
Robin Montgomery Interagency Coalition on AIDS and Development (ICAD)
Benjamin Tiede Johnson & Johnson
Horacio Ruiseñor Michigan State University
Christopher Akolo FHI 360
Sharmala Ishwarlall MOSAIC
Janet Turan University of Alabama at Birmingham
James McIntyre Anova Health Institute
Roey Anigbogu TACP
Natalija Kravchenko ICF "Alliance for Public Health"
Susan Cowan SSI
Elona Toska University of Oxford
alma scott johnson & johnson
Bianca Botha Johnson and Johnson
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Dalibor Sedláček Univ. Hospital Pilsen, Czech Republic
Usheema Maraj de Villiers Johnson & Johnson
Annet Cathie Nanyanzi Uganda Network On Law Ethics & HIV/AIDS
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Jaak Peeters Johnson & Johnson
Katherine Ross Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems
sabine dandiguian Johnson&Johnson
Elizabeth Fowler Johnson & Johnson
Jens Bitsch-Norhave Johnson & Johnson
James Hart
Elisa Busetto IAS
Alan Tennenberg Johnson & Johnson
Frédérique Prabonnaud Journaliste santé freelance
Modupe Odusote Johnson & Johnson
Vineet Mehra Johnson and Johnson
Hanneke Schuitemaker Johnson & Johnson
Steffen Leth Department of infectious diseases, Aarhus University Hospital
Stefania Burbo Osservatorio Italiano sull'Azione Globale contro l'AIDS
andrea atzori mr
Julia Samuelson WHO
Jami Taylor Johnson & Johnson
Nabila El-Bassel Columbia University
Ross Segan Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices & Global Public Health
Massimo Chiappa Medicus Mundi Italia
Sarah Colamarino Johnson & Johnson
Abela Mpobela Agnarson Johnson Johnson
Bert Herberigs Aids Fonds
Ashley Barratt
Greg Sallabank University of Michigan
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Armin Schafberger Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe e.V.
Mariette Slabbert SANAC
Dane Boog Johnson & Johnson
Florence Thune Sidaction
Holger Wicht Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe
Byron Austin Johnson & Johnson
Manuel Feregrino Goyos CITAID SC
Jason Motz Positive Living Society of British Columbia
Christian Fischer Danish Society of Infectious Diseases
Esperanza White Organizacion Lesbica de Bilwi RACCN
Gladys Hayes-Owens International Black Women's Congress
Lara Barker Canada
Brandon Laviolette Positive Living Society of British Columbia
Виталий Лаврик ENHR
Harold Estrada-Montoya Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Cipriano Martinez NAPWHA
Michael Vjecha, MD INSIGHT Washington ICC
Benjamin Bavinton The Kirby Institute
Rumbidzai Hove Universidad EARTH
Yuleisy Zúñiga EARTH
M. Eugenia Socias BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS
Leigh Davids Sweat
Dirk Hetzel Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe
Michael Tappe Deutsche Aids-Hilfe
Greg Ussher METRO Charity
Cesvi, Italy
Lylen Albani Cesvi
Bisi Alimi Bisi Alimi Foundation
Jane Shepherd Uk-CAB
Jennifer Koen The SHM Foundation
victoria johnston hospital for tropical diseases, london
Foguito Fogue Positive-Generation
Anne PAPIN Johnson & Johnson
Hiba Alhassin Mohamed Osman Ministry of health/preventive medicine
pietro fiore cesvi
Nobanzi Dana PATH
Busisiwe Nkosi PATH
Giulia Brescianini
Marianne Rademacher Deutsceh AIDS-Hilfe (DAH), Germany
Hlamalani Mabasa PATH
Helene Sas Johnson & Johnson
Grant Edkins Ethembeni HIV & TB Ministry
Kamilla Laut Centre for Health and Infectious Disease Research, CHIP
Kamilla Laut University of Copenhagen
Hiba Alhassin Mohamed Osman Ministry of health/preventive medicine
Hans Beks International Health Consultant
Professor Sir Ian Weller UCL
Jan Jordaan Art for Humanity
Ariane Vaughan IPPF EN
eef wuyts IPPF EN
Jo Josh Body&Soul, CUHRRC, UK-CAB
Wim Parys J&J
Emmanue Mark Bamidele African Mirror Foundation
Laura Keegan HIV Edmonton
Zelda Nhlabatsi Family Life Association of Swaziland
Yusuf Saleh Public Health
Gustavo Lopardo FUNCEI
Martin Msukwa Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation
Siti Hafizah Ali Center of Excellence for Research in Aids
Henry Chang Actevis Consulting Group
Nisha Jagdish Jagdish Poojary Family Planning Association of India(FPA India)
Lilly Jose FPA India
Jesper Damsgaard Gunst Department of Infectious Diseases, Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark
Lucy Cady IPPF EN
esperance uwayitu eglise presbytérienne
Yolios Bishop BLESS, Egypt
Nazzara Pederzani CESVI
Deepika Naidoo
Mylène Juste Collectif des Femmes de Strasbourg-Saint-Denis
Annette Lyngby Gilead Scirn
Peter Kamusiya AIDS Counselling Trust
Edward Marienga FHOK
marieka vandewiele IPPF
Anamaria Suciu YSAFE - Youth Sexual Awareness for Europe
Laurent Amiand Sidaction
prathiban s FPA India
Wilson Bunde Family Health Options Kenya
Purity Nduyoh FHOK
Neelratan Patra FPA India Sagar Project
Anandpal Singh Gaur Family Planning Association of India - Jaipur Branch
Tushar Chakraborty Fanily Planning Association of India, Kalchini Branch,West Bengal, India
Jashubhai Patel FPA India Rajkot
Thaddeus Kamundi Family Health Options Kenya
Manoj Kumar FPA India Panchkula Branch
Mahaboob Munavar Basha Family Planning Association of India, Chennai
Muthoni Gichohi Family Health Options Kenya
Lilian Kayaro Family Health Options Kenya
Beatrice Obonyo Family Health Options Kenya
KRISHNA GUMASTE Family Planning Association of India, Belgaum Branch
sobha mathew FPAI
Sofia Hammarström Närhälsan Knowledge Center for Sexual Health
Kamal Rizavi Family Planning Association India,Lucknow branch
Deepa Shimoga FPAI Shimoga
Thaddeus Kamundi Family Health Options Kenya
Benson Gicheru FHOK
Patricia Gomez Jhpiego
Eugene Rugwizangoga Jhpiego
Maende Makokha Jhpiego
caterina casalini Jhpiego
Kristina Puzarina IPPF EN
Tracy McClair Jhpiego
Thais Ferreira Jhpiego
Pierre Bergé Sidaction
Nishit Shah
Jhony Juarez Jhpiego
Jason Bailey Reed Jhpiego
Kathryn Boryc Smock Jhpiego
Andrew Moyo Umsimisi Community Project
Lesley Lawson
Mary Beth Maxwell Human Rights Campaign
François Dupré Sidaction
Jean Sack Jhpiego
Andrea Weddle HIV Medicine Association
Silke Klumb Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe
Helene Roger Sidaction
René Légaré
Chris Lambrechts Sensoa
Zengani Chirwa Jhpiego Malawi
Nancy Kiplinger Jhpiego/Johns Hopkins University
Florence Thune Sidaction
Thomas Lobben Johnson & Johnson
Pam Das The Lancet
Ronald Wandira Jhpiego
Patrick Lalor JASL
Abdullah Denovan JOTHI - Indonesia
Vienna Nightingale Dept. of Navy (USA)
Celicia Serenata Wits RHI
Henry Chang Actevis Consulting Group
Geoffrey Menego Jhpiego
Julian Morello ACT
Khilly Kurusa Bokamoso Private Hospital
Chris Thomas AIDS Committee Toronto
Astrid Berner-Rodoreda Brot fuer die Welt
Katie Mollan UNC
Brian Brink Section 27, IWHC, Right to Care
Kristen Porter Zen Executive
Kaneza Gael kevin Shandong University
Margarita Gurdian Jhpiego Corp/Angola
Sarah Stone ONE Campaign
Rahul Rajak Family Planning Association of India
Varatharajan J FPAI Nilgiris Branch
corazon Ayoma Family Health Options kenya
Mea van Huyssteen University of the Western Cape
Andrew Little National LGBTI Health Alliance
Abrao Mushivi The Lutheran World Federation, Angola
Charlene Harry
Lida GRABOVA Albanian Center for Population and Development
Thiago Costa
Angela Tunkel Austrian Family Planning Association
Dr. Radosveta Stamenkova Bulgarian Family Planning and Sexual Health Association (BFPA)
Barbara Berger SEXUAL HEALTH Switzerland
Serawit BRUCK Sidaction
Dudu Simelane IPPF Africa Regional Office
Christine Sieber SEXUAL HEALTH Switzerland
Sugatratna Gaikwad Family Planning Association of India, Solapur Branch
Meri Khachikyan IPPF MA Armenia/Family Health Care Network NGO
Béatrice Détraz SANTE SEXUELLE Suisse
Vladan Golubovic CAZAS
Gilberte Voide Crettenand SANTE SEXUELLE Suisse
Ravshan Tohirov Tajik Family Planning Alliance
Lungile Mabuza Flas
Dorcine Pierre Marie Eve MSPP/JHPIEGO
Winfried Holz Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe
Geneviève Kerkerian UBC
Birgit Leichsenring Aids Hilfe
Nada Benayad Association de Lutte Contre le Sida (ALCS)
Manuela Wolfslehner-Himmelbauer Aids Hilfe Wien
Елена Шастина
Andreas Bergloef
Amanda Ajulu Jhpiego
Annamaria Covi LILA
Themba Moeti Health Systems Trust
Barbara Czerny Aids Hilfe Wien
Nonhlanhla Ndlovu Office of the Premier; KwaZulu Natal
Elizabeth Benson Northern BC HIV/AIDS Coalition
Willy Wakayamba Health Empowered Youth Focus - Uganda (HEYFU)
Catharine Laube Jhpiego
Clement Haeck Queen's University Belfast
Stacie McNulty HOPE Cape Town USA
Holger Wicht Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe (Germany)
magda kostava Association HERA XXI
Nino Tsuleiskiri Association HERA-XXI, MA IPPF EN
Dragana Stojanovic SRH Serbia
Rikke Krogh-Madsen Rigshospitalet
Lynne Williamson Waverley Care
Bob Huff AIDS Treatment Activists Coalition (ATAC, U.S.)
Altin Hazizaj CRCA Albania
Mersila Ballo PINK Embassy Albania
Esmeralda Kuliesyte Family Planning and Sexual Health Association
Els Klinkert Min of Foreign Affairs
Lambert Grijns Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Carol Brosgart, MD HIVMA/IDSA
Clint 9090 Gould IAS
Deepak Karki PSI/Nepal
Primrose Mavuso Khula Afrika
Elizabeth Crabb Breen UCLA
Wolfgang Wilhelm Vorstand Aids Hilfe Wien
Samson Ngonyani Jhpiego
Nikos Dedes Positive Voice, the Greek Association of PLWHA
Abasifreke Benson Druginterface Nigeria
Tristan Barber
kaveh tajmal acharya and bm reddy college of pharmacy
Dorcine Pierre Marie Eve MSPP/DSNE/PNLS
Emma Burgess Wits RHI
Pierre Marie Girard Hopitaux de Paris
Eric Fleutelot France
Paul Kidd Victorian HIV Legal Working Group
Pieter Brokx Dutch Associaton of PLHIV
Paul Yonga Fountain Healthcare Hospital
Kjersti Augland Sex og Politikk
Denys Yunga CO ''Help the Life"
Josee Dussault
Nehemiah Nhando University of Zimbabwe
Michele Breveglieri Arcigay - Italian LGBTI Association
Lynn Leonard Johson and Johnson
Sarah Standaert IPPF
Diego Callisto Ministry of Health of Brazil
Nattapat Jatupornpimol The Planned Parenthood Association of Thailand
Arian Boci STOP AIDS Albania
Merce Caturla Goni Johnson & Johnson
Tomas Matthews Johnson & Johnson
Ahmed Awadalla Berliner Aids Hilfe
Sarah Borgen YSAFE (Youth Sexual Awareness For Europe)
Angeline Yiamiton Siparo Chair, Kenya National AIDS Control Council
Alexander Pastoors Dutch Association of PLHIV
Rekha Gangadharan Family Planning Association of India
Christian Zagler OWS Vienna Austria
Stefan Hippler HOPE Cape Town Trust
Stella Tiendrebeogo Le Planning Familial
Lena Luyckfasseel IPPF EN
Than Htoon Myanmar Positive Group (National PLHIV Network)
Myo Thet Oo Myanmar Youth Stars Network
Nadia Rafif MSMGF
Miguel Vázquez gTt-VIH
Jane Mukami NEPHAK
manuel cervantes universitat autonoma barcelona
Jorge Serrato
sergio roca
Jose Villalba Autonomo
Antonio Escobar Muñoz
Yago Anicet Serge Jonas ONG BOUAKE-EVEIL
Víctor Rodríguez Secretaria de salud de Mexici
Ignacio Rojo None
Enrique Bravo Censida
MPaz Valverde Hospital universitario deSalsmanca
Abel Quiroga Acción colectiva por los derechos de las minorias sexuales A.C
Diego Chávez
Martha Barrios Centro de Estudios para el Desarrollo ITZAM NÁ A.C.
José William Quijano Góngora Yucatrans
José Gerardo Cabrera Resendiz Red Mexicana de Personas que Viven con VIH/SIDA, A.C.
Ludovica Jona
Edgar Mora Circulo Social Igualitario AC
David Chichon eedd
Eddie Makue Private
Rodrigo Aguilar Cornejo Colectivo Zapotlán VIHVO A. C.
Elena Eva Reynaga RedTraSex
Wendy Burgers UCT
Mercedes Fernandez Movimiento Igualitario
Ivan Merino
Isidore Obot University of Uyo, Nigeria
Ann Chahroudi Emory University
Fernando Pancardo Mexico/Vih Aprendiendo a Sonreír de Nuevo
Javier Bardavio Medico
Ninel Díaz AVE de México
Mpho Maraisane The Aurum Institute
Astrid Gall Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
Thomas Oh Berliner Aids-Hilfe e.V.
J. Joseph Lawrence Us
Raúl Martínez Colectivo Michoacán es Diversidad
Higinio Reyes  
Rosa Maria Trejo Villalobos Generacion Si
Juan Francisco Rosas ZADEC AC
Elena Langarica Clínica Especializada Condesa
Robert Guzman Red + posithiva
Elena Langarica Clínica Especializada Condesa
Juan Bosco Valle Delgado CONVIHVE, A.C.
Efrain Mercado UANL
Manuel Alfredo Oropeza Flores Fundación Francisco Estrada Valle A.C.
Thomas Martínez PVVSAC( Personas con Voz,Vida y Salud A.C.)
Garth Parkhill VAC
Josefina Belda Ibáñez Centro de informacion y Prevención del SIDA e Infecciones de Transmsión Sexual (CIPS/ITS).
Rafique Muhammad Villagers Development Organization
Petra Hörtnagl AIDS-Hilfe Vorarlberg
Angeles Jaen Fundació Recerca i Docència Mutua Terrassa
Angeles Jaen Fundació Recerca i Docència Mutua Terrassa
Marjorie Clark Church of Scotland HIV Programme
Bojan Jovanovski H.E.R.A. - Health Education and Research Association
Dietmar Heyde AIDS-Hilfe Duisburg / Kreis Wesel e.V.
Mauro Palma
Pedro Mejia McGill University Health Centre
Holta Koçi Albania Community Assist
Magdalena Lyimo MUHAS
Mauricio telenti hospital universitario central de asturias
Jean Dussault Nota Bene communication, specialized translators
Michael Perlovskiy NGO "PublicHealth" in Kryvyi Rih
Gustavo Costilla Campero Hospital Angel C. Padilla, Tucumán, Argentina
David Respaut
Francisco López Lozada KARUNA, SALUD Y DESARROLLO, A.C./México
Guillermo Egremy KARUNA, SALUD Y DESARROLLO, A.C./México
Becker Cilliani essalud-Perú
Afework Ketema USAID/Ethiopia
Aitor Padin Hernandez
Julio Palomeque Grupo de Apoyo Amemos Vihvir A.C
James Agbodzakey Nova Southeastern University
Tafireyi Marukutira Burnet Institute
Campbell Smith Victorian AIDS Council
Juan carlos Rios
Dylan Kamukosi Centre Stage Media Arts Foundation Zimbabwe
George Njuguna United Nations
Tung Doan Thanh Lighthouse
Joan Lluís Llull ALAS Associaciació de Lluita Anti-Sida de les Illes Balears
Catherine Chery Planning Familial Luxembourg
Simona Caldara cesvi
Diana Palma universidsd javeriana
Abraham Kowo
Peter Mugo Kenya Medical Research Institute
Elizabeth Tarney UNHCR
Xolimar Pereiro Pérez
Thandi Maluka Positive Women's Network
Karen Dominguez Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation
Rachel H. Zimunya REPSSI
Paola Sánchez Universidad Javeriana Cali
Margalit Lorber Rambam medical center haifa Israel
Himal Gauchan Astha Samuha, Nepal
Thu Yain Pye Aung Youth + Singapore
Meg Davis New York University Center for Human Rights & Global Justice
Bonga Mkhize UKZN Student YMCA
Marisol Roxana Cabrera Quispe ONAEM
Leigh Davids SWEAT
Jose Luis Santos da Silva PVHA
Elisa Pérrz-Cecilia Hospital Clinico Madrid
Andrew Doupe HIV & Legal Consultant
Nino Tsuleiskiri Association HERA-XXI, MA IPPF EN
Coenie Louw Gateway Health Institute
Diego Crcchini Hospital Argerich
Tandeka Mvuleni
Magda Kostava Association HERA XXI
Mirjam Musch HIVOS
Angel Ayala PSOE
Anuar Luna
Nantumbwe Shadidah People in Need Agency
Joseph Gernal UNAMID
Nothando Tumelo YCHAT
Susan Atuhura AGHA-UGANDA
Nothando Tumelo YCHAT
Catherine Kapusta Palmer Le Planning Familial (MFPF)
Lucie Vidal Le Planning Familial 59
Jean Spiri Crips / Région Île-de-France
Jeremias Langa, Jr. MONERELA+
Muhammed Olatunbosun Ogunlola Medical Doctor South Africa
Helen Louise Woolgar N/A
Kathleen Kahn University of the Witwatersrand
Jean Spiri Crips / Région Île-de-France
Jenipher Khalani Lighthouse
Michael Evangeli Royal Holloway University of London
Buyiswa Angelina Ntsadu Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation,Cape Town,South Africa
Daniel Magesa Pastoral Activities and Services for people with AIDS Dar es Salaam Archdiocese (PASADA)
Adam Smiley Transgender Europe, TGEU
VikramI Sundarraman Nirangal
Idoteyin Ezirim National Agency for the Control of AIDs
Sowande Tokunboh Genesis Legal consult
Joseph KOFFI Croix-Rousse hospital Lyon France
Tomás Alberto Chang Pico Hivos
Denis Nzioka African Sex Workers Alliance (ASWA)
Leanne Gray FHI 360
Caitlin Horrigan PPFA
Michelle Hunsberger Fenton
Silke Roth University of Southampton
Tasneem Essop Gauteng Health Department
Annett Pfeiffer Universidade católica de Moçambique
Nathan Kieswetter Africa Health Research Institute
Minyahil Woldu Addis Ababa University
Fabiao Meque Pabhodzi
Jhony Manuel Antônio Pabhodzi
António Guio Pabhodzi - UCM - FCS
Leticia Feniasse
Yolanda siringue pabhodzi
Armando Macotore Pabhodzi
Isalda Horacio Pabhodzi
Pedro Samon Guio PABHODZI
Amy Beeson Philanjalo NGO
Laura Quirinchene Pabhodzi
Bryan Okiya National AIDS Control Council -Kenya
Francisco Raposo Pabhodzi
Audrey Brezak Fred Hutch
Lilian Timveos Parliament of Zimbabwe
Vimbai Nyika Katswe Sistahood
Ida Waddell UNited Church of Zambia
Francisco Raposo Pabhodzi
Tsutomu Kitajima Kyorin University
Soomaiya Ayob Private
Torrinho Torres pabhodzi
Edson Muende Pabhodzi
Jéssica Bambamba pabhodzi
Eunice Batalhão Pabhodzi
Mary Beth Woodin Abt Associates
Kirti Narsai Johnson & Johnson
Maria Merritt Johns Hopkins University
Carlos Del Rio Emory Univ
David Barstow EMPACT Africa
Niquita Schniering Pabhodzi
Francisco Raposo Pabhodzi
Pedro Daniel Pabhodzi
Alexandre Afonso Pabhoze
simao saraiva pabhodzi
Ade Fakoya The Global Fund
Nosipho Mngoma Independent Media
Hemma Tengler Universidade Catolica de Mocambique
Vanilla Hassan house of empowerment and awareness in tanzania (HEAT)
Meena Srivastava USAID
Christian Søborg Herlev Hospital, Copenhagen
Teresa M Giret IAS
Fortunata Mubihona PASADA
Rosa Trigo Juntos por la Vida
Raphael Ngeleza Humanitarian Action for Health and Development Community(AHUSADEC)
Rele Loewenson Training and Research Support Centre
Robert Kisanga CSSC
Thomas Nitschke Apotheke55
Jamie Forrest University of British Columbia
Anna Bratcher Emory University
Andres Camacho-Gonzalez Emory University
David Rimland Emory University School of Medicine
Gina Bai Emory University
Gale Newman Morehouse School of Medicine
Sowmya Yelamanchili UNMC
Abigail Heithoff University of Nebraska Medical Center
Biju Bhargavan University of Nebraska Medical Center
Rebecca Sampathkumar UNMC
Larisa Poluektova University of Nebraska Medical Center
J. Joseph Lawrence US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
R. Paul Johnson Emory University
Kathleen Parker
Bonnie Buxton
Nicole Janes Emory University
Ameeta Kalokhe Emory University School of Medicine
Chhetra Gurung NFWLHA
Carlos Manuel Gómez García CALCSICOVA
Catherine Kapusta Palmer Le Planning Familial (MFPF)
Amadou H Maiga Emory University Hubert H. Humphrey Fellow
Muhammad Awwal Jibril Freelance volunteer
Christine Nyirasafari Rwanda Miltary Hospital
Kevin Weiss
Jessica Daly Medtronic Foundation
Raphael Taty Taty Centre de Pathologie Infectieuse
Jorge Serrato Repavih, A,C,
Bolanle Banigbe AIDS Prevention Initiative in Nigeria
Maria José Manats Hospital de Curry Cabral, CHLC, Lisboa, Portugal
Matthias Tengan Ghana Health Service
James Kohler Emory University
Brandon Marshall Brown University
Patricia Penton University of Cincinnati
Janie Shelton
Sarah Laskey 23andMe
P Gandhi University Of Pittsburgh
Valerie Nicholson Positive Living Society of BC
Reigner Jireh Antiquera Alliance of Young Nurse Leaders and Advocates, Inc. (AYNLA)
Raju Lama Sudur Paschim Samaj
Lulama Motja Mpumalanga Dept of Health (South Africa)
Hector Luppino Hospital Pirovano de Tres Arroyos / Argentina
Aubrey Cyphert Emory University School of Medicine
Katherine Lovell Fulton County HIV Task Force
Donna Smith School of Public Health, GSU
Eugene Farber Emory University
imaculate wairagu mukaro orphans& vulnerable children
Geoffrey Ford Emory University
Pablo Alonso Arteaga Potes ACIN
Ted Lewis Global Exchange
Donna Smith School of Public Health, GSU
tracy mannix Liverpool Community Health
Jadu Rawi Sisi Na Bidii
marilena bertini CCM Comitatao Collaborazione Medica
Frédéric Kapusta
Nomsa Dliso IAS
Nomsa Dhliso Community Health Ntabazinduna
bires soto pabhodzi
Laura Craggs AVERT
marilena bertini CCM Comitatao Collaborazione Medica
Jessica de Vocht Vumc
wiqas ahmad Initiative for Youth and Sustainable Development
Britto Selvaraj Society for Serving Humanity
Marcus Wilson Janssen Infectious Diseases
Francesca Sabbatini San Gerardo Hospital , Infectious Diseases Dpt.
Theis Aagaard Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen University Hospital, The Department of Infectious Diseases
Karin Garnier
Erika Glassey SANTE SEXUELLE Suisse
Michaela Clayton ARASA
Dr. Smita Hordi NACO
Beth Peterson
Karen Beckerman Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Mahesh Sharma Independent consultant
Souhaila bensaid ATP+
Roger Paul Kamugasha WEDNET-AFRICA (Welfare Development Network)
Jose Juan Hernandez Urueta Corporación Pazcaribe
Laura Capa Instituto de Salud Carlos III. Spain
Iluminata Sanga Jhpiego
Patricia Zuniga Wound Clinic/La Casa del Centro/El Cuete IV
Than Htoon Myanmar Positive Group(National PLHIV Network)
Linus G. Jauslin Swidsyouthpositivgroup SY+G
Joab Ochieng community health strategy ugunja sub County
Lisa Nielson-Barron Peace Corps Response
Margaret Ngobeni NW.BojaNala. Madibeng sub district
Bal Krishna Sedai Nepal Red Cross Society
Tracey Konstant Independent
Than Htoon Myanmar Positive Group(National PLHIV Network)
Chizo Goudjo Centre for the Right to Health
Forbes Msiska Badilika Foundation
Pelagia Nicholalily Chabata Zimbabwe Community Health Intervention Research Project
Rachel Beanland Public Health Specialist - independent
Mthandazo Khumalo International AIDS Society
Filippo Turrini San Raffaele Scientific Institute
Wissam El Atrouni University of Kansas Medical Center
Fernando Fajardo universidad autonoma de baja california
George Njuguna United Nations Officeat Nairobi
Mª Angeles Muñoz-Fernández Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Marañón, Madrid, Spain
Amen Prince Mthuli University Of KwaZulu Natal
Genevieve Parker Children's Radio Foundation
Amen Prince Mthuli University Of KwaZulu Natal
Michael Discepola San Francisco AIDS Foundation
Kenneth Magoko University of Nairobi
Sabina Ahywa Maternal and Child Survival Program
Egide Freddy Muragijimana Kibuye Referral hospital
Elona Toska University of Oxford
Judith Dean The University of Queensland
Coenie Louw Gateway Health Institute
Melusi Simelane University of Swaziland
Teresa Español FLUSIP
Okikiolu John Obafemi Awolowo University
Niwamanya Mbabazi Edith IWEPA
Happy Assan TaNPUD
Tarun Paudel NCASC
Marisha Wickremsinhe Georgetown University
Sengor Juliet Living with HIV in Nigeria
Abhina Aher GATe
Sybil Hosek Stroger Hospital of Cook County
Pedro Mejia McGill University Health Centre, Montreal, Canada
Raph Hamers Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development
Natasha Naude IDLO
Nichola Schaay UWC
Ida Waddell United Church of Zambia
Talkmore Taurai Mazorodze Swaziland Network of Young Positives
Pedro Montes Hospital Nacional Daniel Alcides Carrion
Ueraoi Kamoa Taniera Kiribati Red Cross Society
Yvette Raphael APHA
Joanna Skonieczna PONTON Group of Sex Educators
Melusi Simelane University of Swaziland
Mike Southall Newlands Clinic, Harare
Natalie Flath Baltimore City Health Department
Kuraish Mubiru uganda young positves
Tom Craig AIDES
Iluminata Sanga Jhpiego
Iram KPA Komisi Penanggulangan AIDS
Wendy Wobeser Queen's University
Mthandazo Khumalo Building Bridges Foundation and IAS
Melanie Adekale MD Health Consulting Ltd
Akhona Mdolo Gauteng Provincial Legislature
Soizic HILY Planning Familial
J Pisarik Act Up-Paris
Eve Lerner
Francis Njanja Ishtar MSM
Harreld Dinkins IFA/Hamsa
Smangele Carol Buthelezi IAS
Cynthia Navarrete APROASE
Alan Jarandilla Nuñez YCSRR
Mzwandile Shazi CAPRISA
Sego Seferian SOCOBA (Society for Children Orphaned By Aids
Jolana Matiasovicova GSK
Tsepo Pitso Lesotho Youth Consortium
Atholl Kleinhans Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University
Carole Treston Association of Nurses in AIDS Care
Samkelisiwe Skosana none
Grace Nalubega Uganda aids club limited
Rukia Ahmed iCW-kenya
Peter Hale The Foundation for Vaccine Research
Yemisi Ogundare FHI360 Nigeria
Charles BECK REVIH Mulhouse
Richard Ezomoh
Kapil Narain CAPRISA
Yemisi Ogundare FHI360 Nigeria
Florence Mwangwa Infectious Diseases Research Collaboration
JohnMburu Kimani UNDP / UNV Trinidad and Tobago
Naja Zenius Jespersen
Nickson Ankunda Infectious Diseases Institute
Laura Kirch Kirkegaard AIDS-Fondet
K. Paula Makatesi Northern Cape Provincial AIDS Council, South Africa
Alemju Fontu Vision in Action Cameroon
Halima Adamu Healthcare and Education Support Initiatives
Adefunke Adesope The Ark Pregnancy Care Initiative
Alemju Fontu
Gary Blick MD BEAT AIDS Project Zimbabwe
Alemju Fontu
Gary Blick MD BEAT AIDS Project Zimbabwe
Stacy Keago
Coral Vinsen Amnesty International (Durban)
Tikondane Vega Malawi News Agency
Tony Bober Western Australian AIDS Council
Linus Aayangwoh Embe Association for Community Awareness (ASCOA)
Delphine Perriat Bordeaux University, france
Sheila Rolle Sekf
Miandabu Kaninda Hospital





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