A day in the life of Dilbar Karobekova

IAS Member and High Category Gynecologist, Honorary Doctor of Tajikistan
Dilbar Karobekova

My name is Dilbar Karobekova and I am a Medical Doctor, High Category Gynecologist, Honorary Doctor of Tajikistan.

I start my day with a glass of water and some exercise. Sometimes I dance, which I like the most. This activity helps me to face the difficult day I have in front of me. Monday is usually a hard day and it starts with a short meeting in the Shifo clinic, then I go to see my patients and after that I take part in the surgeries that have been planned. Sometimes, relatives of the patients come to talk to me as their doctor. This is the way I spend most of my mornings. After lunch I’m going to the Center for Psychological Health and HIV/AIDS, where I’m doing my second job. The center works mostly with women, wives of migrants who are infected with HIV. Migration from Tajikistan has increased and consequently the number of HIV positive women and children born with HIV. The life conditions in their families are very tough, and poverty and stigma contribute to negatively affect the health of these people. Often men go to Russia because of work, leaving behind their wives with four or five children. When they return, they infect their wives with HIV brought from unprotected contacts.

Dilbar Karobekova
Every day I receive HIV infected women, I talk with them about their health and how they can protect themselves, showing how to use condoms and talk about other ways to be protected from sexually transmitted diseases. With pregnant women I usually talk about expected delivery, pros and cons of caesarian section. These women, that most of the times have had multiple births, are often vulnerable with a low level of hemoglobin and concomitant extragenital diseases.

It is a very difficult job and my days are very tiring, but also rewarding. I feel that doctors have a very important role in decreasing HIV rates: personally I have given 33 years of my life to this kind of work and feel happy to contribute in saving lives from HIV AIDS.