Online resources

The IAS Educational Fund provides educational and inspiring sessions from IAS conferences (International AIDS Conferences and IAS Conferences on HIV Science) to clinicians and other healthcare providers and advocates.

IAS 2017 - Selected sessions

Featuring the world’s most distinguished HIV scientists, researchers, and global health experts, IAS 2017 sessions offer a unique educational opportunity for clinicians and healthcare providers. Here is a special selection of IAS 2017 must-see sessions:

AIDS 2016 – Clinicians and HIV service providers

To make content accessible to French speakers, the IAS Educational Fund is pleased to provide several sessions subtitled and transcribed in French on this page.

AIDS 2016 – Advocates

AIDS 2016 was the premier gathering for HIV and AIDS advocates and community leaders. Here is an outline of educational and inspiring AIDS 2016 content for committed activists:

Conference scientific coverage

Additionally, Clinical Care Options (CCO) and NAM Publications (NAM) were official providers of online scientific coverage for AIDS 2016 and IAS 2017.