Mark Wainberg Fellowship Programme

Bruce Wembulua Shinga

Institution: Principal Hospital of Dakar
Country of work: Senegal

What is your motivation for pursuing a career in HIV clinical service delivery?

I am from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) where the HIV prevalence is 1.7% and almost 9% of people living with HIV are also living with the hepatitis B virus. In addition, poorly structured service delivery makes research difficult. Given these facts, I made up my mind to address these challenges. This is why, since November 2020, I have been working as an infectious disease specialist in the infectious diseases department of the Principal Hospital in Dakar to gain more experience in the care of people living with HIV. On my own, I organized two conferences on HIV and hepatitis in the DRC – in Goma (2018) and Kisangani (2019) – to share the knowledge already acquired.

How do you anticipate using the knowledge learned once back in your home country?

Following the completion of the fellowship, I will return to the DRC and establish a referral centre for the treatment of HIV and HBV infection in Goma, where the war, with the lack of trained personnel, worsens the burden of these diseases. Additionally, thanks to the refined knowledge of research methodologies and clinical management that I will gain during the fellowship, I plan to carry out research projects and disseminate this knowledge through trainings focusing on HIV and hepatitis B.