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IAS Educational Fund Meeting – India

The International AIDS Society (IAS) is proud to announce that a series of IAS Educational Fund meetings under the theme, Translating Science to Practice to End HIV in India , organized in collaboration with the Y.R. Gaitonde Centre for AIDS Research and Education (YRGCARE), were held on 28 and 29 April 2018 in Chennai, India, during the Chennai ART Symposium (CART 2018).

During this two-day meeting more than 250 professionals in the HIV response in India, including clinicians, researchers, policy makers and community representatives, gathered to discuss the latest science and question how that information impacts the epidemic in the region.

Key issues discussed included HIV prevention, testing and treatment advances, the future of the epidemic, HIV and co-morbidities, and HIV cure strategies. In addition, speakers and participants discussed the role of the communities in HIV care, prevention and human rights.

Meeting material

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HIV epidemic in India
Dr. Gangakhedkar, Indian Council of Medical Research


What is new in ART Guidelines
Dr. Kumarasamy, YRGCARE


PrEP: A reality
Dr. K Mayer, The Fenway Institute / IAS


HIV and Aging
Dr. Letendre, University of California, San Diego


Inflammation - the culprit behind all ills
Dr. S Pahwa, University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine


Update on HCV treatment
Dr. Bharti, University of California San Diego


HIV Testing What is new
Dr. K Mayer, The Fenway Institute / IAS


HIV Cure strategies and obstacles
Dr.Letendre, University of California, San Diego



  • How is the management of HIV changing? – Dr Anton Pozniak

  • ARV rollout in India – Dr Ishwar Gilada

  • ARVs and challenges to treatment access from a clinician’s perspective

  • HIV and co-infections - Dr Sunil Solomon

  • Hepatitis B in India – Dr Trupti Gilada

  • Project HERO – Dr Carol Strong

  • Youth perspective on chemsex – Sadam Hanjabam

  • Chemsex in India – Dr Rajiv Jerajani

  • PrEP and HIV in India – Dr Venkatesan Chakrapani

  • Differentiated HIV services for key and vulnerable populations – Prashant Desphande

  • Panel discussion on Differentiated Service Delivery for women, young women and girls – Jahnabi Goswam

  • Panel discussion on Differentiated Service Delivery

  • Differentiated services for people who inject drugs

  • Transgender HIV prevention services – Abhina Ahira