Global Fellows Research Academy

Yanina Ghiglione

Nationality: Argentina
Institution: Institute for Biomedical Research in Retroviruses and AIDS (INBIRS)
Country of work: Argentina

What is your motivation for engaging in HIV cure and remission research?

I have been working, as a researcher, in the HIV field for the last 9 years. During my PhD, my work was aimed at characterizing the HIV CD8+ immune responses in an Argentinean cohort of HIV+ subjects. Currently, our group considered that studying the HIV viral reservoir in our Argentinean cohort is fundamental to continue expanding our knowledge in this area. We strongly believe that a sustained HIV remission is possible in the absence of antiretroviral therapy and we are intensely working in order to obtain results that can contribute to this field.

What is your current area of research?

I started working in the immunological area of the HIV field, during my doctoral studies. My work was aimed at characterizing (phenotypically and functionally) the HIV-specific CD8+ T cell responses in an Argentinean seroconverter cohort of patients in order to dissect the mechanisms of protective anti-HIV responses.

Currently, my Institution is expanding our research capacities with a new laboratory area for measuring HIV viral reservoirs. So, my research turned to the virological area. In order to have the proper expertise, I had a short training with an expert in the field, Professor Sharon Lewin (Melbourne, Australia), on 2015.