Pathways to an HIV cure: tools for community and clinicians
1 – 3 July | AIDS 2020: Virtual - Pre-Conference

A strong HIV response requires broad engagement across multiple stakeholder groups, including people living with HIV and civil society, in order to build informed and effective advocacy. As the HIV cure research field develops, an important step in furthering its impact is to translate the strategies being pursued and the latest findings in ways that are accessible to all audiences, in order to cultivate a well-informed, multi-disciplinary network of stakeholders to advocate for the prioritization of HIV cure in the global health agenda.

The IAS is partnering with international and local civil society organizations to organize an interactive online meeting, Pathways to an HIV Cure: Tools for Community and Clinicians as a pre-conference to the 23rd International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2020: Virtual). The event will provide accessible information on current research directions, myths and misconceptions related to an HIV cure, and challenges of clinical trials in cure research. The meeting will be open to anyone interested in learning about the HIV cure field, but will focus particularly on ensuring that the broader community and clinicians have an opportunity to learn more about the HIV cure field and how it applies to them.

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Programme Committee

Marein de Jong



Lynda Dee


United States

Steve Deeks


United States

Richard Jeffreys

Treatment Action Group

United States

Brad Jones

Weill Cornell Medicine

United States

Damian Kelly

Patient Advocacy Alliance

United Kingdom

Sharon Lewin

The Doherty Institute, University of Melbourne


Udom  Likhitwonnawut

Immunotherapy for HIV Cure (I4C)


Michael Louella


United States

Lilian Mwaykosi

Tanzania Youth Alliance


Deborah Persaud

Johns Hopkins Children's Center

United States

Robert Reinhard

Public/Global Health Consultant 


Jessica Salzwedel


United States

Moses Supercharger

Joint Adherent Brothers and Sisters againsts AIDS (JABASA)


Joe Tucker

LSHTM and UNC at Chapel Hill

United Kingdom

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