2019 Advocacy-for-Cure Academy

Oguzhan latif Nuh

Nationality: Turkey
Institution: Red Ribbon Istanbul
Country of work: Turkey

What is your motivation for becoming an HIV cure advocate?

My main interest in the HIV field is young people living with and affected by HIV. There are estimated 5 million children and adolescents living and growing up with HIV globally and approximately 30% of all infections continues to occur among young people. In order to achieve the goals set to end AIDS, Youths need to claim their seats at every possible platform including research field, especially Cure research. However, Youth, especially in the area that I am currently based in, isn’t aware of the current research and developments. I believe as an Cure Advocate I can represent youth and spread information on HIV-Cure more effectively.

What advocacy work are you currently engaged in?

I am a member of Red Ribbon Istanbul, a civil society organization that aims to raise awareness and provide scientifically proven information on HIV, focusing mainly on people living in İstanbul. I am also a member of Youth Rise, a youth-led network promoting evidence-based drug policies and harm reduction strategies. As an openly gay man living with HIV, I am involved in LGBTQI+ rights movement, harm reduction and HIV advocacy. Within the HIV field, I am advocating for improved and sustainable access to up-to-date treatments, PEP, PrEP and patient rights.

How do you think knowledge learned from the Advocacy-for-Cure Academy will influence your current work?

I believe the knowledge gained from the Academy will enable me to effectively represent the youth in the research field better. After the Academy, I will incorporate the knowledge I would have gained into the peer support and education activities I am currently involved in, making sure youths are aware of the current developments and strategies in HIV cure research and start a discussion among youth communities.