2019 Advocacy-for-Cure Academy

Lumbiwe Mwanza

Nationality: Zambia
Institution: 5fm radio station
Country of work: Zambia

What is your motivation for becoming an HIV cure advocate?

Being part of the fourth estate in my country, I feel I have a great responsibility to advocate for policies and interventions that aim to improve the livelihood of the people especially the vulnerable. The HIV/AIDS pandemic in my country has continued to devastate families and seeing children being born with the virus through mother to child transmission gives me the drive and the motivation to improve and strengthen my advocacy skills against the scourge. No child should die or be inflicted with the virus remains my motto. I believe associating myself with strong networks whose focus is to find a lasting solution against HIV/AIDS is key towards attaining sustainable development goal number three that seeks to promote healthy lives and wellbeing for all.

What advocacy work are you currently engaged in?

In my country Zambia over 1.2 million people are currently living with HIV – the Virus that causes AIDS with 970 000 on Anti-retroviral therapy, the youths are the most affected and infected. My advocacy work involves community sensitizations, I work with various women organizations to raise awareness against the scourge. As my mandate as a journalist to inform, educate and entertain the general public, I strive to facilitate for on air platforms with various media stations to have the voices of ordinary citizens and government officials to be heard.

How do you think knowledge learned from the Advocacy-for-Cure Academy will influence your current work?

Being an HIV advocate requires networking, in order to broaden your understanding about the disease. I believe participating in the Advocacy-for-Cure Academy will help me improve my advocacy skills and thereby be part of the force working towards curbing the HIV/AIDS pandemic.