2019 Advocacy-for-Cure Academy

Anna Miti

Nationality: Zimbabwe
Institution: Katswe Sistahood
Country of work: Zimbabwe

What is your motivation for becoming an HIV cure advocate?

As a feminist the fact that HIV/AIDS continues to have a female face distresses me. I understand that in spite of there being a number of HIV prevention tools such as PrEP, the male and female condom women face structural, cultural, social and economic barriers that hinder their access or effective use of these interventions. As such I feel it is impossible to end HIV without ending HIV for her. My motivation is therefore seeing an end to AIDS for women, and ultimately and end of AIDS.

What advocacy work are you currently engaged in?

I currently work as a radio presenter and I advocate for SRHR issues using radio as it is one of the most accessible media tools. In addition I work with the Humanitarian Information Facilitation centre in Zimbabwe to mentor and train journalists to report on issues of HIV/AIDS prevention research. I also work with the International Partnership for microbicides as a consultant involved in working with AGYW in SRHR. With support from IPM I work with young women raising awareness about SRHR including PrEP, body autonomy, STIS and other SRHR issues. I work with young women from tertiary institutions especially. Additionally I volunteer for Katswe Sistahood which is a feminist organisation working in Zimbabwe.

How do you think knowledge learned from the Advocacy-for-Cure Academy will influence your current work?

Lack of information is a barrier to AGYW’s access to SRHR services. I work mainly in information dissemination as well as advocacy with AGYW, both through IPM and Katswe Sistahood. The knowledge I will get will aid me in this work. In addition I work with the Humanitarian Information Facilitation Centre in capacitating journalists to report more effectively on HIV biomedical interventions, as such the knowledge from the symposium will positively influence the work that I am doing there. Over and above this, the knowledge I gain will be shared through my work as a radio presenter.