ILF/WHO Discussion on PADO 3 Implementation
23 November 2017

The Paediatric ARV Drug Optimization (PADO) 3 meeting took place in December 2016 (see meeting report here and table below). Over the past year, more evidence was generated for some drugs included in the priority list and additional information is available to inform the feasibility and timing of some of the prioritized products. Because of this, the PADO 3 list will be reviewed at the end of 2017 with a specific focus on its implementation. This review will take place with consideration for outcomes of the CADO 3 meeting, thereby taking the opportunity to review alignment with drug optimization efforts for adults. These processes will inform the upcoming WHO guidelines review (planned for Q2 2018).

PADO 3 priority pediatric HIV drug formulations (Reference)

Advanced development Mid-term priority (3-5 years) Long-term priority (5-10 year)
LPVr 4-in-1 (30/15/40/10 mg)* NVP/AZT DTG/3TC
ABC/3TC/EFV (150/75/150 mg)* DRVr (120/20 mg)* Long acting oral/ injectable
RAL (50 mg scored)* Neutralizing antibodies
DTG single (5 mg)*
DTG/3TC/ABC (5/30/60 mg)*
* Dosing and ratios are endorsed by the PAWG.

In collaboration with the WHO, the ILF convened a virtual brainstorming session on “PADO 3 implementation” to gather input to inform the upcoming review of the PADO 3 list of priority paediatric ARV formulations. This interactive webinar took place on 23 November 2017. The objectives of this special feedback session with the ARV manufacturing industry were to:

  • Obtain feedback on the PADO 3 list and discuss key considerations for its implementation
  • Discuss ideas to further fast track research and development of priority paediatric ARV formulations.

Meeting material

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