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TB/HIV 2020 Symposium
4th TB/HIV pre-conference. Turning Threats into Opportunities: Implementing and Maintaining Quality TB Services for People Living with HIV in the Time of COVID-19 and Beyond.
2 – 3 July 2020 July | AIDS 2020: Virtual

Building on a successful series, the 4th TB/HIV pre-conference will take place virtually on 2-3 July 2020, the week prior to AIDS 2020: Virtual (6-10 July).

The meeting, organized by the IAS, STOP TB Partnership and USAID, will provide an opportunity to highlight the key scientific challenges along with the opportunities arising from scientific progress related to TB and TB/HIV prevention, diagnosis and treatment scale-up, including in the COVID-19 era, and to feed these into policy processes.

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Past events

  • 50th Union World Conference on Lung Health
    30 October 2019 | Hyderabad, India

    Are you attending the 50th Union World Conference on Lung Health in Hyderabad, India? Are you looking for practical solutions to improve the quality of TB/HIV services in your programme? If so, register now for the WS-20-C8 TB/HIV Integration and Quality of care pre-conference Workshop on 30 October 2019 taking place at the conference.

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  • TB/HIV 2019 symposium
    20 July 2019 | Mexico City, Mexico

    The International AIDS Society HIV Co-Infections and Co-Morbidities initiative is pleased to announce the TB/HIV 2019 symposium, "A new era in TB prevention: Implications for people living with HIV", as an event entirely devoted to basic and translational research and implementation at the intersection of TB and HIV, and focused on TB prevention.

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  • 5th International HIV/Viral Hepatitis Co-Infection Meeting
    20-21 July 2019 | Mexico City, Mexico

    Similarly to earlier editions, this meeting will provide a unique opportunity to bring together a diversity of scientific, technical and community interests to discuss current opportunities and challenges for increased prevention, diagnosis and treatment of viral hepatitis in people living with HIV (and other populations).

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  • TB 2018
    22 July 2018 | Amsterdam, the Netherlands

    TB 2018 will be an opportunity to highlight the key scientific challenges related to TB and TB/HIV research on prevention, diagnosis and treatment to set the stage for the UN General Assembly high-level meeting on TB. TB 2018 will focus on cutting-edge research gaps to address concrete service delivery issues, translating science into practice.

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  • STI 2018: Understanding and Addressing the HIV and STI Syndemics
    21-22 July 2018 | Amsterdam, the Netherlands

    STI 2018 will combine keynote presentations and roundtable discussions to provide a thorough investigation of the current state-of-the-art in STI prevention, treatment and care specifically in the context of the HIV epidemic.

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  • IAS session at INTEREST on “Comprehensive service delivery for key populations”
    29 May 2018 | Kigali, Rwanda

    Following a review of epidemiological data and normative guidance for key populations globally and in selected African countries, the session showcased clinical practice examples from healthcare workers who deliver quality, adapted, stigma-free healthcare services to key populations.

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  • 4th International HIV/Viral Hepatitis Co-Infection Meeting
    22-23 July 2017 | Paris, France

    The meeting focused on addressing the challenges of achieving elimination of hepatitis B and C in HIV-infected populations worldwide through reviewing the latest information on epidemiology, prevention, diagnostics and treatment.

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  • 3rd International HIV/Viral Hepatitis Co-Infection Meeting
    17 July 2016 | Durban, South Africa

    The recent development of highly effective antiviral therapy for HBV and HCV provides the opportunity to counter the rising burden of chronic liver disease among people living with HIV. Global antiretroviral therapy scale-up should limit HBV‐related liver disease, through dual antiviral activity.

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