Past events

  • Differentiated ART delivery approaches for West and Central Africa: From pilots to plans for scale-up.
    Satellite session at ICASA 2019 | 4 December 2019, 7:00–8:30 | Kigali, Rwanda

    Hosted by the IAS, this satellite session outlined best practice examples of differentiated ART delivery and country case studies to illustrate challenges and opportunities for DSD scale up in WCA.

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  • Leveraging differentiated ART delivery models to facilitate contraceptive care and TPT completion.
    Satellite session at ICASA 2019 | 4 December 2019, 12:45 - 14:15 | Kigali, Rwanda

    Hosted by the IAS in collaboration with partners, this satellite session identified and discussed key considerations for how to facilitate contraceptive care and TB preventative therapy (TPT) among clients accessing differentiated ART delivery models.

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  • Closing the gap on reaching men: Time for action. Satellite session at ICASA 2019
    5 December 2019, 7:00–8:30 | Kigali, Rwanda

    Continuing the conversation from the Men and HIV Forum, held on 20 July 2019 in Mexico City, Mexico, this IAS-organized satellite further discussed current opportunities and challenges for increased prevention, diagnosis and treatment of HIV for men and boys.

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  • Men & HIV Forum
    20 July 2019 | Mexico City, Mexico

    Hosted by the IAS in collaboration with partners, this one-day event provided a unique opportunity to bring together diverse scientific, political and community interests to discuss current opportunities and challenges for increased prevention, diagnosis and treatment of HIV in men and boys.

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  • “Sticky linkage”: Latest evidence and new strategies
    Satellite session at IAS 2019 | 21 July 2019, 08:00–10:00 | Mexico City, Mexico

    What is needed to make linkage effective? How can we ensure our linkage approaches drive improved ART initiation and retention? How can we adapt these approaches for re-engagement of people who have been on treatment in the past but have fallen out of care? This IAS 2019 session addressed these questions through a differentiated service delivery lens.

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  • Consultation on differentiated ART delivery in West and Central Africa
    17 May 2019 | Accra, Ghana

    Hosted by the IAS, this half-day consultation brought together more than 40 participants from ministries of health, implementers and community in eight countries in West and Central Africa, plus global stakeholders. Participants shared priority actions, advocated for policy adoption and scale up and connected to foster intra-regional exchanges and learning in support of differentiated ART delivery.

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  • Differentiated service delivery in West and Central Africa – From pilots to policy
    16 May 2019, INTEREST Workshop | Accra, Ghana

    This IAS-convened symposium brought together policy makers and programme implementers from West and Central Africa to discuss models of differentiated service delivery that have been implemented in their countries.

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  • Has differentiated service delivery delivered? A think tank discussion
    4 March 2019 | Seattle, USA

    The IAS convened a one-day think tank meeting, bringing together 30 global health leaders to consider and determine the critical unanswered questions around differentiated HIV service delivery for the four World Health Organization-identified groups of clients.

    Read the think tank report here

  • Technical consultation on HIV linkage
    3 March 2019 | Seattle, USA

    This one-day consultation brought together more than 50 representatives from global normative agencies, funders, research academic institutions, implementing partners and ministries of health to highlight the importance of linkage in reaching global targets for HIV and to discuss how to prioritize specific linkage interventions to address key gaps.

    Download the consultation report

  • Think tank “Has differentiated service delivery delivered?”
    3 March 2019 | Seattle, USA

    Hosted by the IAS in collaboration with partners, this think tank discussion will debate the impact of DSD for clinically stable clients has had to date, discuss and prioritize unanswered questions and determine a research roadmap for the way forward.

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  • AIDS 2018 workshop - Young people at the centre: Community mobilization for youth-friendly HIV services
    26 July 2018 | Amsterdam, Netherlands

    In this interactive workshop, participants learned about community-led demand creation, differentiated service delivery and youth-friendly services.

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  • AIDS 2018 satellite - It’s time to test and treat differently: Comparing and contrasting differentiated service delivery along the HIV care cascade from countries and communities
    23 July 2018 | Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Co-convened by the World Health Organization and IAS, this satellite highlighted key perspectives and programme examples from across the HIV care cascade.

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  • Pre-conference workshop – It’s time to test differently: Finding the right mix with differentiated HIV testing
    21 July 2018| Amsterdam, Netherlands

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  • Global workshop on differentiated service delivery for key populations
    5-7 February 2018 | Cape Town, South Africa

    The IAS’ Differentiated Care initiative brought together 50 participants from 20 countries to share success stories showcase hidden gems and strategize next steps.

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  • “Demand creation for differentiated care – Putting people at the centre”, satellite session at ICASA 2017
    4 December 2017 | Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

    Co-convened by IAS, International Treatment Preparedness Coalition (ITPC) and AIDS and Rights Alliance for Southern Africa (ARASA), the session included panel presentations and moderated discussion as well as the official launch of activists toolkit to support demand creation differentiated care within communities and networks for people living with HIV.

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  • “Differentiated service delivery and care: Key considerations for successful scale up”, symposia session at IAS 2017
    25 July 2017 | Paris, France

    This symposium, co-convened by WHO, included a country conversation with ministry of health representatives from Ghana, Tanzania and Zimbabwe, followed by a series of rapid-fire presentations from global normative agencies, PLHIV networks, civil society and implementers.

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  • “Differentiated care from testing to suppression: Are we at the tipping point?”, IAS/WHO satellite session at IAS 2017
    23 July 2017 | Paris, France

    This satellite highlighted differentiated ART delivery for specific populations, offering both policy perspectives and the view of young people and key populations. Following a series of presentations, an interactive conversation was convened with representatives from the Global Fund and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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  • Differentiated ART delivery workshop for communities
    19-23 June 2017 | Bangkok, Thailand

    To inform the development of an activist toolkit to create strengthened community engagement and demand for client-centred care, ITPC and ARASA, in collaboration with the IAS, hosted a five-day workshop in Thailand with representatives from seven countries and more than 20 PLHIV networks.

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  • INTEREST Workshop
    15-19 May 2017 | Lilongwe Malawi

    The “African CROI” had more than 500 delegates attend this interactive workshop, including the IAS session “Differentiated Care: What’s all the hype about?” with speakers from Malawi, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.

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  • Differentiated Care Youth Champions Workshop
    14-15 March | Cape Town South Africa

    Together with the Children’s Radio Foundation and Makhulu Productions, a two-day capacity building workshop was held to discuss the Youth Champion projects, how to develop advocacy plans and discuss the production of the Youth Champion films.

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  • HIV Service Delivery Models National Consultative Meeting
    10 March 2017 | Addis Ababa Ethiopia

    Together with USAID and PEPFAR, the initiative co-convened a consultative meeting in Ethiopia to learn about global and national experiences of differentiated ART models and discuss next steps.

  • Consultation on HIV differentiated service delivery HIV differentiated service delivery models for specific populations and settings: Pregnant and breastfeeding women, children, adolescents and key populations
    15-17 November 2016 | Geneva, Switzerland

    In collaboration with WHO and PEPFAR, IAS co-convened this consultation to assess current evidence, policy and practice in applying inclusive differentiated service models for ART delivery to specific populations.

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  • “Differentiated care: finding the best fit”, Oral abstract session at AIDS 2016
    22 July 2017 | Durban, South Africa

    This Track E session featured data from six studies across sub-Saharan Africa, including individual fast track in Malawi and comparing three different models in rural Swaziland.

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  • “Beyond 90-90-90 with differentiated care”, symposia session at AIDS 2016
    21 July 2017 | Durban South Africa

    Panellists from the Ministry of Health in Zimbabwe, the Office of the US Global AIDS Coordinator, the Global Fund, MSF and the Global Network of Young People Living with HIV presented how differentiated care is more than just ART delivery to clinically stable clients.

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  • “It’s time to deliver differently: Country experiences of differentiated ART delivery”, satellite at AIDS 2016
    18 July 2017 | Durban, South Africa

    Delegations from Zimbabwe, Swaziland and Zambia with representatives from civil society, ministries of health, and health care workers discussed how differentiated care is reshaping national ART programmes. The Decision Framework for ART delivery was launched.

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  • "Reaching Treatment for All: Developing a package of differentiated care”, satellite at AIDS 2016
    18 July 2017 | Durban, South Africa

    This satellite described lessons learned that may be applied to the development of a package of differentiated care to implement treatment for all; explored models of differentiated care; and discussed the major barriers, gaps and opportunities to developing differentiated care strategies.

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