Meet the Youth Champions for Differentiated Care

Linda Brenda Sichali

Country: Malawi
Age: 25
Occupation: Associate Gender and Child Rights Officer
Organization: Youth and Society (YAS)

Who are the Youth Champions?

I hold a bachelor’s degree in social sciences and work as an associate gender and child rights officer. I am very passionate about the empowerment of girls and young women.

What motivated you personally to get involved in the HIV response?

Malawi is one of the countries hardest hit by the HIV epidemic with around 1 million people living with HIV. The situation has had a huge impact on individuals and families, especially young people, women and girls. My passion for women and girls’ empowerment and human rights made me want to contribute to the HIV response.

What is the topic of your project?

The topic is how to best expand access, uptake of HIV testing, treatment and care among sex workers in Mzuzu City.

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