Meet the Youth Champions for Key Populations

Mwiza Sambo

Country: Malawi
Age: 26
Occupation: Research Assistant
Organization: Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Trust

Who are the Youth Champions?

I am currently working for the Self-testing Africa Key Populations Study in Blantyre, Malawi. The main goal of my project is to encourage and normalize self-testing among female sex workers.

What motivated you personally to get involved in the HIV response?

I am an advocate for HIV prevention among young female sex workers because a large proportion of all new HIV infections in Malawi occurs in people under the age of 25, especially among young female sex workers. What I hope to achieve in my project is to empower young female sex workers with knowledge of HIV prevention and treatment and to promote HIV testing on a regular basis through HIV self-testing. Through my current project, I am eager to contribute to the HIV/AIDS response through research and advocacy.

What is the topic of your project?

My project ‘HIV prevention among young key populations in Malawi’ consists of formative research and implementation research. Formative research will inform HIV prevention needs of young female sex workers which will then inform an innovative HIV prevention approach that will be piloted among young female sex workers in urban Blantyre, Malawi.