Meet the Youth Champions for Differentiated Care

Arnold Robert Mwakalindo

Country: Kenya
Age: 28
Occupation: Project Coordinator (Volunteer)
Organization: Family Health Options Kenya (FHOK)

Who are the Youth Champions?

Our HIV response needs more investment in structural interventions. I am driven to ensure the interests of young people are reflected in all policies developed.

What motivated you personally to get involved in the HIV response?

Though volunteering for me came after my first HIV test at a youth centre, I quickly gave into my curiosity, in the quest to understand the needs of young people and develop activities that would see young people know their HIV status. Growing older, I came to the realisation that HIV was an issue in my family and even among my closest friends. This broadened my horizons and motivated me to work in the HIV field. Every single day my curiosity is growing and I am convinced that one day I will introduce something that will revolutionize access to HIV services for young people in my country.

What is the topic of your project?

Through the dialogues conducted as part of my project, I aim to develop a nuanced understanding of ART delivery models for young people living with HIV across different settings in Mombasa.

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