Me and My Healthcare Provider celebrates the many doctors, nurses, receptionists, pharmacists and other frontline healthcare providers who are #DoingTheRightThing by delivering quality HIV prevention, treatment and care services to key populations, often in the face of discriminatory laws, traditions and belief systems.

Watch their stories below.

2018 Healthcare Provider Champions

I stand strong: Living with HIV in Uganda

Geoffrey Phillip Wandawa and Dalausi Sempijja, Uganda.

Healthcare for all: Overcoming HIV stigma in Lebanon

Nesrine Afif Rizk and Elie Ballan, Lebanon.

Tackling HIV stigma in Kazakhstan: The power of healthcare

Gulzhakhan Akhmetova and Oхana Ibragimova, Kazakhstan.

Providing health services to sex workers living with HIV in Malawi

Judith Nthini and Loveness Bowa Gunda, Malawi.

2017 Healthcare Provider Champions

2016 Healthcare Provider Champions