Meet the Healthcare Provider Champions

Dr. Hector Javier Salvatierra Flores

Country: Peru
Institution: Reference Center for Sexually Transmitted Infections, Alberto Barton, in the city of Callao

Jana Villayzan

Country: Peru

Jana Villayzan nominated Dr. Javier Salvatierra Flores for:

Providing inclusive services for transgender women and men in Peru. “In the year 2000, Dr. Javier Salvatierra from the Reference Center for Sexually Transmitted Infections Alberto Barton in Lima, was the first person to include in the medical history form the social names of transgender women, the names with which we identify,” said Jana. “I was one of them and this strengthened my self-esteem when receiving sexual health services. He also formulated a first protocol of health and care aimed at trans women engaged in sex work. Dr. Salvatierra also formulated a guideline for attention in sexual health services for trans women.”

Dr. Javier Salvatierra Flores: I am #DoingTheRightThing because…

“My medical training was formed around the service to people. In university I actively participated in health campaigns aimed at people with less economic resources and in the most remote places of the city. And as a medical doctor I treat my patients as if they were my family; I always give personalized attention to make sure my patient is comfortable. My principal motivation is working for and being part of the community, it´s important for me that they feel they are part of my family. In addition, it is important to reduce the barriers separating the LGBT community from the rest of the population.”