Meet the Healthcare Provider Champions

Neo Namesto Monnapula

Country: Botswana
Institution: Nkaikela Youth Group, Gabarone

Chedza Mudongo

Country: Botswana

Chedza Mudongo nominated Neo Nametso Monnapula for:

Providing social work services to the sex worker community at the Nkaikela Youth Group in Gabarone, Botswana. “She visits us at our homes to find out how we are doing and if we are taking the treatment (ARVs) correctly. She checks our needs, refers us to appropriate services that Nkaikela Youth Group does not provide and makes sure that we follow through with the referral. She is trustworthy and we trust her completely with any information that we give to her. Neo does not discriminate against sex workers, she wants us to live dignified lives and live longer. Neo helps everyone and does not judge anyone, she accepts people as they are”, said Chedza.

Neo Nametso Monnapula : I am #DoingTheRightThing because…

“I think stigma free services in my country are important. Sex workers are human beings and they have the right to access health services. I am also passionate about working with women. I recognize them as mothers and sisters. To date, I have helped over 30 female sex workers and their children to get birth certificates and identity cards. Those who were HIV positive have been able to initiate treatment which they could not previously access without an identity card. I was touched and moved by a story told by one female sex worker in 2009. She shared how difficult it is to access services because of healthcare providers’ negative attitudes. She narrated how she can stay for a long time without getting treatment for STIs. I then realized that I needed to serve people and not my interests or beliefs and I hope that one day I will be able to encourage others to change their attitudes.”