Meet the Healthcare Provider Champions

Dr. Oleksandr Yurchenko

Country: Ukraine
Institution: Kyiv City Clinical Hospital No. 5

Igor Matkovskiy and Dzmitry Filippau

Country: Ukraine

Igor Matkovskiy and Dzmitry Filippau nominated Dr. Oleksandr Yurchenko for:

His leadership providing inclusive services for LGBT patients at Kyiv City Clinical Hospital No. 5 in Ukraine. “Under Alexander’s leadership, the hospital strives to ensure that LGBT people who seek help and support from public health institutions are not discriminated against and receive appropriate health services in a safe and hospitable environment,” said Dzmitry. “The hospital has adopted a policy of non-discrimination, as recommended by the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association, conducts relevant training for all physicians, and makes sure all LGBT patients are aware of this policy.”

Dr. Oleksandr Yurchenko: I am #DoingTheRightThing because…

“It is impossible to accept a situation where people are in a critical state of health due to blatant stigma from doctors. Quality medicine is not an island paradise for the elite. The highest attainable standard of health is a fundamental right of every human being, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or other factors by which people can be stigmatized or discriminated. It is my sacred duty as a doctor, as a head of a large clinic, and as a person who can not endure any forms of discrimination, injustice and iniquity.”