Meet the Healthcare Provider Champions

Dr. Hermine Meli

Country: Cameroon
Institution: Yaoundè Central Hospital

Kevin Ambah Evina and Floribert Biombi A. Kiki

Country: Cameroon

Kevin Ambah Evina and Floribert Biombi A. Kiki nominated Dr. Hermine Meli for:

Providing HIV testing and sexual healthcare services to men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgender people in Cameroon. “Dr. Hermine Meli is our gay-friendly service provider,” they said. “Both MSM and transgender people feel secure with her. Dr. Hermine’s telephone number is always open to do general consultation for the community. In some cases, she provides services for free for some MSM who lack financial resources.”

Dr. Hermine Meli: I am #DoingTheRightThing because…

“MSM are seriously marginalized in their families, and in society. Interventions and actions to prevent and treat HIV and sexually transmitted infections are not adapted to this group of the population. The law is against people who practice homosexuality. This leads to the low utilization of health services because gay men and female transgender people are afraid of being denounced, and also because they are very poor. During my childhood, I have been indirectly affected by the pain of my late cousin who was MSM. And as a medical doctor I say everybody has the right to live in good health (including psychological health). Let’s stop stigma and discrimination towards keys populations... I will continue the fight as long as I live.”