Meet the Healthcare Provider Champions

Martha Angelica Carrillo

Country: Belize
Institution: Independent counselor in Belize City

Erika Castellanos

Country: Belize

Erika Castellanos nominated Martha Angelica Carrillo for:

Her work providing pro bono counselling services as an independent counselor and promoting human rights for the LGBT community in Belize. “Her services in counselling are frequently the only available in the country,” said Erika. “Anal sex is illegal in Belize and it is very difficult for gay and trans persons to access services. Therefore, she becomes vital to the development and well-being of the LGBT community in our country.”

Martha Angelica Carrillo: I am #DoingTheRightThing because…

“I recognized the urgent need to address human rights violations, stigma and discrimination and barriers in access to services for the LGBT community. As a human rights activist and an advocate for the most vulnerable, I could not stand around and wait for others to do the right thing. The most discriminated persons needed the support which I had a moral and ethical obligation to provide. There was no other choice but to do the right thing for them. I needed to become educated, I needed to be empowered and I needed to push myself into decision-making positions to ensure that MSMs and transgender persons were no longer made susceptible to HIV infection by social, legal and psychological barriers.”