Meet the Healthcare Provider Champions

Lusia Ang

Country: Indonesia
Institution: Provincial Pharmacy, Papua Province

Aries Maulana Setyawan

Country: Indonesia

Aries Setyawan nominated Lusia Ang for:

Her continuous work and support in the Provincial Pharmacy in the Papua Province, Indonesia to ensure that ARV stock is continuously available for people living with HIV. Thanks to Lusia’s efforts, I have never experienced ARV stock out in Papua Province in 4 years. “Lusia encourages and works on ARV decentralization at the district level, minimizing ARV stock out in the hospitals and simplifying the distribution chain”, said Aries.

Lusia Ang: I am #DoingTheRightThing because…

“Key populations must have equal rights to access HIV services and ARVs like any other person. My team and I are ensuring that ARVs are available and accessible for PLHIV. Although, I do not think what I do is special, I just do what any other person should do”.