Generation Now Commitments

The IAS and Women Deliver hosted the second Generation Now: Our Health, Our Rights pre-conference ahead of the Women Deliver 2019 Conference (WD2019) in Vancouver, Canada. The meeting invited hundreds of youth and adult change-makers from around the world, inspiring multiple commitments to advocating for linked SRHR and HIV services, systems and policies.


FP2020 commits to using the results of the ECHO clinical trial to forge new, robust partnerships with leaders and advocates of the HIV community, resulting in increased services for women that provide dual protection from unintended pregnancy and HIV infections. Fewer clinic visits, more protection.

The UNAIDS Secretariat commits to walk the talk and tackle parental consent laws, and their implementation, in 5 countries of Eastern and Southern Africa; Lesotho, Malawi, Namibia, Uganda, and Zambia. This includes working with all partners committed to change – working with young people at national and community levels to ensure that youth are driving these changes and co-creating the quality sexual and reproductive health and HIV prevention and treatment services they want and need to have bright and healthy futures.

Self-care is a key pillar of CIFF’s investment strategy to support young people to take greater control over their sexual & reproductive health and to exercise their rights. Self-care has the potential to reach millions of young people by cutting across sectors to put the individual at the centre – whether through self-administered contraception, HIV self-testing or medication abortion. Going forward, we are committed to working with youth and like-minded partners to dramatically scale up innovation in SRH and HIV prevention, and a shift in values to prioritize a more empowered generation able to exercise their rights on their terms.

The Generation Now partnership is catalyzing action on sexual and reproductive health and rights and HIV integration. In this spirit, AVAC is proud to commit to launching the Integration Index to track family planning and HIV services in clinics, programmes, policies and advocacy. Integration, plus informed choice, plus women at the centre.

Women Deliver
Youth are powerful agents of change, but they require support and access to resources. Unfortunately, institutional donors often see them as lacking a “proven track record” or too young to implement a grant. To fill this gap, Women Deliver will provide at least 30 small grants to Young Leaders and alumni to implement short-term advocacy projects to advance gender equality in their communities and countries, utilizing an integration lens.


Recognizing that HIV is part of life, and not the whole story, the IAS acknowledges the holistic, diverse and complex needs and desires of young people. We will amplify the ideas and efforts of young people in providing solutions to the challenges they face, and support their innovations in guiding and improving the integration of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and HIV services to better meet their needs. We invite all to join with our members to get to the heart of stigma and enhance access to youth-friendly and comprehensive services free from stigma.




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