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Journal of the International AIDS Society (JIAS)

The Journal of the International AIDS Society (JIAS) is an online, open-access, peer-reviewed HIV/AIDS journal edited by Susan Kippax, Papa Salif Sow and Mark Wainberg.

The journal’s mission is to disseminate essential and innovative HIV/AIDS research, prevention and care efforts. By bringing together HIV research from various disciplines, important and relevant for the HIV epidemic in the low- and middle-income countries, the aim of the journal is to support most relevant approaches for the fight against HIV in the countries most affected by this epidemic. In addition, JIAS also disseminate highlights from the International AIDS Conferences in areas that are highly relevant for the low- and middle-income countries.

The journal aims to provide support to less experienced investigators through presentation of workshops and development of material to support authors in their scientific writing. JIAS hopes to strengthen capacity and empower the less experienced researchers from low- and middle-income countries in their research effort as well as in successfully submit their research results in peer-reviewed indexed journal.

JIAS publishes HIV related research from various disciplines, strongly encouraging research carried out by investigators from low- and middle-income countries. Priority will be given to operations research.

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The JIAS will be published by the IAS independently from 4 April 2012

The International AIDS Society (IAS) is pleased to announce that as from 4 April 2012 it will become the sole and independent publisher of the Journal of the International AIDS Society. The Journal will remain at its current website

Subscribers to email alerts are asked to kindly renew their registration after the 4 April 2012 on the website. Current authors with submitted manuscripts will be contacted by the editorial office with instructions on how to access their submissions. Authors who would like to submit new manuscripts should contact the editorial office until 4 April 2012. After this date authors can then register and submit through the new platform at the same website themselves. We apologize for any inconvenience these changes may cause, and we are available at for any questions or comments.

The JIAS was founded in 2004 by the IAS as a platform to disseminate essential HIV research with a focus on low- and middle-income countries. The JIAS was an initiative by the IAS past president professor Mark A Wainberg, who remains one of the Editors-in-Chief alongside professors Susan Kippax and Papa Salif Sow. It was published in cooperation with MedScape until it moved to the open access publisher BioMed Central and re-launched at the XVII International AIDS conference in Mexico in August 2008.

The JIAS is a not-for-profit venture by the IAS to contribute to an evidence-based response to the HIV epidemic and to contribute to building research capacity in resource-limited settings, its continued mission since inception in 2004. The decision by IAS to publish the JIAS independently from 4 April 2012 is an important step to ensure sustainable publishing of the JIAS and to ensure that it can continue to serve the HIV research community in line with its original vision. We welcome any inquiries you may have. Please send your inquiries to .
JIAS introduces its supplement “Bridging the social and the biomedical: engaging the social and political sciences in HIV research"

HIV is a profoundly social disease, and its causes and consequences are deeply embedded in social, cultural and political processes. In the latest supplement on “Bridging the social and the biomedical: engaging the social and political sciences in HIV research", the Journal of the International AIDS Society highlights the engagement of the social and political sciences within HIV research and, in particular, ways to maintain a productive relationship between social and biomedical perspectives on HIV.

Online conference abstract writing course developed by the Journal of the International AIDS Society in partnership with Health[e]Foundation

The Journal of the International AIDS Society (JIAS) is pleased to announce the launch of an e-course on how to write and submit a conference abstract in collaboration with Health[e]Foundation. This e-course is based on previous successful scientific writing workshops offered by JIAS at international and regional conferences. The abstract writing e-course is free of charge and is accessible through the Health[e]Foundation website. The course covers guidelines on conference abstract preparation, writing and submission, providing examples and short exercises for interactive participation, as well as key take-home messages and an overview in the form of a self-use checklist. Future models are envisaged to extend the scientific writing course to offer further interactive training in manuscript writing and publication practices.

JIAS Workshop Material

Click on the links below to download the workshop presentations listed by events:

Abstract Workshops - "How to Write and Submit a Conference Abstract"
Manuscript Workshops - "Publish or Perish: Writing and Publishing Scientifc Manuscripts"
Scientific Integrity Workshop - "Scientific Integrity and Ethical Issues in Publishing" Resources Workshop Evaluation Reports


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