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AIDS Journal subscription rates for IAS members in 2015

IAS members are entitled to a 32-56% discount on the journal AIDS.

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IAS Governing Council (GC) 2014-2016

The IAS is pleased to announce the results of the 2014 IAS GC Elections and to present the IAS GC in 2014-2016 that will take office on 25 July at the closing of AIDS 2014.

Election results: 2014 IAS GC Elections

IAS GC in 2014-2016

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Become a registered user of and gain access to clinically relevant, practical information and tools from across medical disciplines in a "virtual learning clinic" for clinicians delivering HIV care and treatment – both in specialized and primary care settings

Medscape Education has developed a comprehensive continuing education curriculum for clinicians who care for patients living with HIV. The Medscape Clinical Advances in HIV Management features educational activities in various formats, as well as additional resources for a global audience of clinicians, including infectious disease specialists and other healthcare professionals.

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In accordance with the IAS Bylaws individuals may become Honorary Members owing to their special contribution in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

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