Adolescent HIV Treatment Coalition

Hosted by the International AIDS Society, the Adolescent HIV Treatment Coalition (ATC) is a diverse community united in our advocacy to make quality treatment and care available for all adolescents living with HIV. We provide a collective voice promoting accountability in the HIV response to the realities of adolescent lives. We do this through calling attention to gaps, proposing solutions and working collaboratively on adolescent treatment issues.


  • Identify gaps and propose solutions in adolescent treatment and care;
  • Engage in high level policy advocacy to firmly put adolescent HIV treatment on the international public health agenda, and inform policy and practice;
  • Setting and informing the adolescent treatment agenda.
  • Providing a space for synergy between adolescents and young people living with HIV that promotes intergenerational and multidisciplinary dialogue


The ATC is currently focusing on four main work streams:

  • Meaningful participation of young people living with HIV: Ensuring adolescents are involved in their treatment decisions through ensuring treatment and rights literacy.
  • Increasing access to adolescent appropriate services: Focusing on two main issues:
    • Improving quality of services and models of service delivery with a focus on community and peer based approaches, including access to appropriate SRH and other psycho-social support services
    • Utilization of prevention interventions and HIV testing services among adolescents.
  • Optimal treatment options and adherence: Focusing on the importance of the development of appropriate and affordable formulations, specifically as fixed-dose combinations (FDCs) for children and adolescents. This also includes working towards ensuring greater attention to the poor adherence of HIV-positive adolescents and their retention in care, why treatment adherence is poor among adolescents and what practical steps can be taken to improve this.
  • Strategic information and data: Using data to improve services for and health outcomes of adolescents living with HIV.

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