We are the International AIDS Society

We convene, educate and advocate for a world in which HIV no longer presents a threat to public health and individual well-being.

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A global community that:

Brisbane, Australia

IAS 2023

The 12th IAS Conference on HIV Science

IAS 2023, the 12th IAS Conference on HIV Science, will take place in Brisbane, Australia, and virtually from 23 to 26 July 2023. IAS 2023, being held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, will shine a spotlight on the world’s advances in HIV research.

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11 Oct 2022
Fast-Track Cities 2022 conference

Organizers: International Association of Providers of AIDS Care (IAPAC), the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, Fast-Track Cities Institute, Stop TB Partnership and World Hepatitis Alliance

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20 Sep 2022
Building regulatory and ethics expertise for experimental medicine

There is growing interest in experimental medicine for the development of an HIV vaccine. Experimental medicine can accelerate the progress of the most pertinent HIV vaccine candidates through the development pipeline. However, these trials come with many challenges, including approval of study protocols by regulatory authorities and agencies and Ethics Review Committees.

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6 Sep 2022
Engaging adolescent girls and young women in HIV prevention research – Unpacking the ethical dilemmas

The second in a two-part series, it will explore how we can leverage learnings from behavioural research to enhance better engagement of adolescent girls and young women in HIV programmes and research.

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The IAS at a glance

We unite scientists, policy makers and activists to galvanize the scientific response, build global solidarity and enhance human dignity for all people living with and affected by HIV. Here are some numbers that show how we do that.


IAS change makers. Carefully selected HIV researchers, advocates, healthcare providers and others we educate to drive an evidence-based HIV response that puts people first.


IAS Members worldwide. We convene people from diverse backgrounds to drive a shared vision of a world in which HIV is no longer a threat to public health and individual well-being.


Scientific studies shared via our conferences and JIAS in 2020/21. We advocate for evidence-based progress to improve the lives of people living with and affected by HIV.