Industry Liaison Forum

The ILF is a mechanism to constructively engage all stakeholders (industry and others) on issues in line with IAS Member Priorities. It is designed to take advantage of the IAS’s key strengths: its well-respected convening power; its acknowledged independence from industry and other key partners and stakeholders; and its diverse working groups composed of some of the world’s top thought leaders and scientific experts in a wide array of fields.

The ILF activities include the ILF Advisory Group, IAS-Industry Consultations and ILF Thematic Roundtables. Key parts of most activities involve the preparation and lead up to these discussions, advocacy matched with broad dissemination of the proceedings, and follow up on action points. Activities are chosen to strengthen IAS Member Priorities and to highlight challenges and opportunities for industry. This work is guided by a strong, multi-stakeholder advisory group; it aims to enhance the impact of the global response to HIV and related co-morbidities.

Latest Publication

ILF Annual Report 2014
The year 2014 saw the ILF broaden its constructive interactions with industry and other stakeholders. This revisited ILF builds on the successes of the ILF at embracing a multi-stakeholder approach, but in an expanded context and with an enhanced portfolio of impactful activities. Outreach efforts and the organization of key activities proceeded throughout the year.

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IAS-ILF Corporate Partners

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26 February 2015
HIV and Adolescents: Focus on Young Key Populations, a supplement in the Journal of the International AIDS Society (JIAS)

24 February 2015

The Medicines Patent Pool signs licensing agreement with MSD for paediatric formulations of raltegravir

13 February 2015
WHO Prequalification joins the ILF Advisory Group.

12 February 2015
End of AIDS on the horizon, but innovation needed to end HIV (article in the Lancet HIV by ILF Advisory Group member Stefano Vella)

12 February 2015
UNITAID releases Hepatitis C Medicines: Technology and Market Landscape

11 February 2015
‘The Corporate Reputation of Pharma in 2014 —the Patient Perspective’, and how the corporate reputation of pharma companies has changed over the past four years

6 February 2015
The Female Health Company (FHC) joins the IAS-ILF Corporate Partnership Programme as an IAS-ILF Bronze Partner

3 February 2015
Alere joins the IAS-ILF Corporate Partnership Programme as an IAS-ILF Silver Partner

20 January 2015
UN chief appoints new Special Envoy in move to end Tuberculosis

9 January 2015
FDA approves Roche's blood screening assay for simultaneous detection and identification of three major viral targets

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